Uncover six taboos of drinking soybean milk

Uncover the six taboos of drinking soybean milk:

uncover the six taboos of drinking soybean milk: 6667

1 avoid beating eggs in soybean milk: 6667

the reason is that the temperature of hot soybean milk is not enough to heat the eggs. Eggs are easy to contain some pathogenic bacteria, as well as some allergens. If these ingredients are not heated enough to lose their activity, there may be some adverse consequences. Especially the & lt; Walking chicken;, The environment for laying eggs is not flattering. Generally, the sanitary conditions are difficult to guarantee, and the possibility of containing pathogenic bacteria is even higher.

, soybean milk soybean milk love to avoid drinking

of many people like to buy raw soybean milk home heating, heating up to see bubbles rising upside down that they have been boiled, in fact, this is the organic matter of soya bean milk organic expansion caused by bubbles caused by the phenomenon of inflation, not boiling, is not ripe. Not cooked soybean milk is harmful to human body. Soybeans contain saponin, which can cause nausea, vomiting and indigestion; Some enzymes and other substances, such as trypsin inhibitors, can reduce the body’s ability to digest protein; Agglutinin can cause coagulation; Urease toxin glycosides can hinder the metabolism of iodine, increase the synthesis of thyroxine, and cause compensatory goiter. But after cooking, these harmful substances will all be destroyed, so that soybean milk is not harmful to human body. The way to prevent soybean milk poisoning is to boil soybean milk at 100 ℃ to destroy harmful substances. It should be noted that when cooking soybean milk, it often appears & lt; False boiling & quot; Phenomenon, must be fully stirred with a spoon, until the real boiling. If you have headache, respiratory obstruction and other symptoms after drinking soybean milk, you should see a doctor immediately, and never delay the time to prevent life-threatening.

3, do not pack thermos

soybean milk can remove the scale in the thermos. Under the suitable temperature conditions, with soybean milk as the nutrient, the bacteria in the bottle will multiply in large quantities, and the soybean milk will be rancid after 3-4 hours.

4, avoid drinking with drugs

. Some drugs can damage the nutritional components in soybean milk, such as tetracycline, erythromycin and other antibiotic drugs.

5, avoid fasting soybean milk

, most of the protein in soybean milk will be converted into heat and consumed in the human body, which can not fully play a tonic role. When you drink Soybean milk, you can eat bread, pastry, steamed bread and other starch foods, which can make the protein in soybean milk hydrolyze with gastric juice more fully under the action of starch, so that the nutrients are fully absorbed.

6, avoid drinking too much

, drinking too much soybean milk at one time is easy to cause protein indigestion, abdominal distension, diarrhea and other symptoms.

do you want to soak beans first?

1. It sounds convenient to not soak beans, but it takes longer. It only takes one or two minutes to soak the beans the night before, but after soaking, the soymilk can be produced quickly; If you don’t soak the beans, the procedure after starting the soymilk machine will be much longer. It takes a period of time for heating to promote the absorption and softening of the beans. In fact, it costs more electricity. Therefore, from the perspective of low carbon and environmental protection, or from the perspective of saving time by drinking soybean milk in the morning, it is obviously better to soak beans.

2 and Douzi can improve the yield of soybean. Compared with those without soaking, the yield of soybean milk increased by 10% after soaking for 12 hours, while the yield of soybean dregs decreased. Within 12 hours, the longer the soaking time, the higher the pulp yield. That is to say, soaking beans is conducive to tissue fragmentation, which can make soybean milk finer and release nutrients better. In terms of taste, naturally, soymilk made from soaked beans tastes better.

more soymilk and less soymilk, maybe you don’t mind. However, the content of anti nutritional factors in soybean milk made from pickled soybean and non pickled soybean will also be significantly different. It seems that it is quite scientific for Chinese people to soak beans overnight and then grind soymilk, which is beneficial for the body to make full use of the nutrients in soymilk.

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