Uncover the 16 magical uses of toothpaste:

uncover the 16 magical uses of toothpaste:

1, remove the tea stains and coffee stains left in Enamel Tea Cup, apply toothpaste on the inner wall of the cup and scrub it repeatedly, and then it will be as bright as before.

2. When writing pen words, if you write wrong words, wipe some toothpaste to clean them; If the electric iron is used for a long time, a layer of rust will be left at the bottom, which can be smeared on the bottom of the electric iron.

3. It is easy to leave rust and scale under the faucet. Apply toothpaste to scrub it, and it can be cleaned up quickly.

4. If the silverware is not used for a long time, a black oxide layer will appear on the surface. As long as you wipe it with toothpaste, it will become silvery white and bright.

5, a little toothpaste, gently wipe, you can remove.

6. If the clothes are stained with animal and vegetable oil, squeeze some toothpaste and apply it on them. Rub it gently for several times, and then wash it with clean water. The oil dirt can be removed.

7. When polishing shoes, wipe a little toothpaste and shoe polish to make shoes brighter.

8. The reflector of the flashlight turns black for a long time. You can make it as bright as new by rubbing it with a little toothpaste on a spinning cloth.

9. After cleaning the fish, there will always be a fishy smell on the hands that is difficult to remove. Wash the hands with soap first, then rub them with toothpaste repeatedly, and the fishy smell will be easily removed after washing with clean water.

10, can remove the watch surface scratches. Apply a little toothpaste on the watch surface and wipe it repeatedly with a soft cloth to remove the fine scratches.

11. Remove the stains on the mirror. Use a flannelette to wipe with toothpaste, and the stain will be removed immediately.

12. If the ink on the clothes is not big, it can be removed by rubbing the toothpaste repeatedly and washing with water.

13. Paste with toothpaste, which is firm and does not damage the wall. If you want to take it off, you can easily take it off as long as you wet the post with water.

14. When stewing, it often spills out of the pot and pollutes the stove. At this time, you can soak the dishcloth in hot water and screw the back cover on the burnt dirt of the stove to keep it stuffy for a while. Soon, the dirt will soften and float. After that, just use nylon dishcloth dipped in toothpaste to brush away the dirt, and then use a rag to clean it.

15. Wipe the surface of stainless steel utensils with toothpaste to make them as bright as new. If there are naughty children at home, they will graffiti on carpets, walls, sofas or doors if they don’t pay attention. Most of the crayons used by children are made of wax or grease. Therefore, as long as you use a wet cloth with toothpaste, you can remove graffiti.

16. When eating grapes, first take scissors to cut the root part, so that it retains the complete particles, and soak in diluted salt water to achieve the effect of bacteria elimination. There is still a layer of white film left on the surface of washed grapes. You can squeeze some toothpaste, put the grapes in the palm of your hand, gently rub them, after water, the grapes will be completely crystal clear, and eat more at ease!

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