Uncover the four hazards of not eating breakfast

Uncover the four hazards of not eating breakfast:

uncover the four hazards of not eating breakfast: 6667

1 and brain

although the weight of brain tissue only accounts for 2-3% of human body weight, the blood flow of brain is about 800ml per minute, oxygen consumption is about 45ml per minute, and sugar consumption is about 5g per hour. The brain tissue of teenagers is in the development stage, and the demand of blood, oxygen and glucose is higher than that of adults. If the blood sugar is too low, the brain consciousness activity will appear obstacles, long-term so, it is bound to affect the weight and morphological development of the brain.

2, do not eat breakfast easy constipation

in the case of three meals, the body will naturally produce gastrocolic reflex phenomenon, conducive to the body detoxification; Conversely, if you do not eat breakfast into a habit, it may cause gastrocolic reflex dysfunction, resulting in constipation. If the body is not able to detoxify, the toxin will easily turn into acne when it accumulates in the body to a certain extent, and detoxification can be carried out in this radical way.

3, do not eat breakfast will cause gynecological diseases

many female friends will deliberately do not eat breakfast, diet, in order to maintain the body, but this will seriously affect health, because do not eat breakfast, the body will not have energy, female friends’ body will gradually become cold, thus disturbing the ovarian function, leading to irregular menstruation, Even the phenomenon of amenorrhea, in addition, will cause pelvic inflammatory disease, adnexitis and other gynecological diseases, therefore, female friends must eat breakfast, and eat well.

4, harm to the digestive system

under normal circumstances, the food eaten the night before empties from the stomach into the intestines after about six hours. If you don’t have a good breakfast the next day, your stomach acid and digestive enzymes will go; Digestion & quot; Gastric mucosa. In the long run, the normal function of cells secreting mucus will be destroyed, and it is easy to cause digestive system diseases such as gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

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