Uncover the “garbage ingredients” in food

Unveiling & lt; Waste ingredients & quot;

unveiling & lt; Waste ingredients & quot;


maltodextrin is a starch decomposing product made from starch, hydrolyzed, refined and spray dried. Maltodextrin can raise blood sugar as fast as white sugar.

maltodextrin is easier to digest and absorb than starch macromolecule, which is beneficial to patients with poor digestive ability after operation. Many manufacturers add it to sugar free food, but in fact, maltodextrin is not suitable for diabetics and slimming people. In addition, maltodextrin as a filler added to lotus seed powder, yam powder and other tonic pasta food, will reduce the proportion of natural ingredients. Similar to maltodextrin are glucose syrup, fructose syrup, corn syrup, etc.

milk essence

milk essence is a mixture, the main components include milk protein, lactose, hydrogenated vegetable oil and maltodextrin, its flavor and taste are similar to milk, which may contain a small amount of trans fatty acids, and can not replace the nutritional value of milk.

milk essence is made into coffee, black tea and milk tea; Partner & quot;, It can also be used in some ice cream, chocolate, bread, cake, milk candy and instant cereal. It can increase fragrance and taste greasy. It can reduce the use of milk or milk powder and reduce the production cost.

cocoa butter

cocoa butter is a kind of fat extracted from cocoa bean fragments. It has special coagulation properties and is related to the smooth taste and aroma of chocolate. Cocoa butter substitute is a kind of fatty acid refined from palm kernel oil after high-tech cooling and special hydrogenation. It may contain artificial trans fatty acid, which will increase the risk of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other chronic diseases. Even with the reduction of trans fatty acids in the hydrogenation process, it can’t replace real chocolate because it doesn’t contain the health care ingredients in cocoa at all.

generation cocoa butter not only lurks in chocolate, now, many things stained with chocolate may have its trace. Because of its stable nature and low price, chocolate wafer, chocolate sandwiched cake, bread, biscuit, ice cream with chocolate crust, etc. may contain cocoa butter substitute. The best way is to take a careful look at the label when buying these products, and see if there is & quot; Cocoa butter substitute & quot; It’s the words.


cream is a kind of yellow or white fatty semi-solid food extracted from milk and goat milk. It is a kind of dairy product made from the top layer of raw milk with high fat content before homogenization. It contains butyric acid, conjugated linoleic acid, vitamin A, vitamin D and other healthy ingredients. Vegetable butter is made from hydrogenated oil, which may contain synthetic trans fatty acids. Even if the content of trans fatty acids is not high, there is no beneficial ingredient in natural cream.

ingredients similar to vegetable cream are & lt; Hydrogenated vegetable oil& ldquo; Margarine& ldquo; Shortening & quot; And so on. They are relatively stable to heat, not easy to oxidize and deteriorate, and can also improve the taste of food, so they are often used in bread, biscuits, cakes and other foods.

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