Under what circumstances need to drink water

under what circumstances need to drink water

1, irritability: drink more water. Endorphins produced by the brain are called & lt; Happy hormone;, Adrenaline is often called & lt; Pain hormone;. When a person is suffering and irritable, adrenaline will surge, but like other poisons, it can also be excreted from the body. One way is to drink more water. If you assist with physical labor, adrenaline will be excreted with sweat, or cry, it will also be excreted with tears.

2, detoxification: a glass of water in the morning. Many people know that drinking a glass of water in the morning is good for your health. After a night’s metabolism, the garbage in the body needs the help of external force to be discharged, and water is the best; Cleaning agent;. At this time, the cells act like a dry sponge, catching the water they drink and discharging it in about 40 minutes. It’s an important detoxification process. Light salt water, honey water, boiled water are very suitable for drinking in the morning. Experts remind that don’t drink too cold or too hot water in the morning. The temperature should be about 40 ℃.

3, decompression: drink a glass of water before making a decision. The study found that drinking a glass of water before the exam can improve students’ cognitive ability and make them perform better in the exam. For office workers, drinking a glass of water before you’re stressed or need to make a decision can help clear your mind.

4, not thirsty: also have to drink water. According to a survey conducted by the Hong Kong Department of health, one third of adults drink less than six glasses of water a day. Office workers are busy with their work and often can’t take a sip of water for half a day. When people feel thirsty, the body has lost at least 1% of its water. Therefore, office workers should form a good habit of drinking water and urinating, drinking water every hour, every 2 & mdash; Urinate every 3 hours.

harm of not drinking water

1, easily tired

lack of water, slow blood metabolism, blood flow will decline, the corresponding oxygen delivery will be reduced, neurons will be stimulated, will continue to relax, make people feel tired.

2, cause depression

lack of water, will affect hormones, inhibit the secretion of endorphins, and then affect the nerve, cause nerve disorders, make people lose mood, depression, cause depression.

3, allergies

, allergies, you will say with the weather, contact with the object, in fact, you know, lack of water, can also lead to allergies. Once the lack of water, affect the cuticle of the skin, when reaching the granular layer, there will be a sense of tension; In the spinous layer, there will be tingling, especially in summer and autumn, accompanied by red pimples.

4, heart failure

, lack of water, will damage tissues and organs, cell abnormalities, especially brain cells, heart damage is the most obvious. If there is no emergency water supply, it will not meet the needs of the cells and affect the cell activity. As far as the heart is concerned, it may gradually lose its function due to lack of water, resulting in heart failure. In severe cases, it may even have spasm and coronary heart disease.

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