Use straw skillfully to help you clear the sewer

Skillfully use straw to help you clear the sewer

skillfully use straw to help you clear the sewer

if the water in the sewer at home is very slow, it is mostly blocked by hair or thread. Thread and hair intertwined, blocking the normal flow of the sink sewer. How to deal with these obnoxious things? Xiaobian recommends a little trick for you. Come and have a look! First of all, we need to prepare a plastic straw and a pair of scissors´╝ł Ordinary drinking straw is OK.

2. Cut the straws left and right alternately. Pay attention to the propriety in the process of cutting. Do not cut the straws, and then cut the head of the straws into a sharp one.

3. First put the water in the basin, then put the straw into the drainage pipe, turn the straw gently, wait for the water flow to finish, then take out the straw, and you can see that the sundries hidden in the pipe are adsorbed on the straw.

4. If there are many sundries, you can try several times.

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