Using nail washing water to remove 502 glue:

; using nail washing water to remove 502 glue:

502 glue: alpha- A one component instant curing adhesive was synthesized by advanced production process with ethyl cyanoacrylate as the main component, tackifier, stabilizer, toughener, polymerization inhibitor, etc. It is insoluble in water, but soluble in organic solvents& mdash; Acetone. Nail wash water contains acetone, which can dissolve and soften the cured 502 glue.

how to wash 502 glue with nail wash water?

step 1: drop 2-3 drops of nail wash water to the skin with 502 glue, and gently rub for several times. If the nail wash water has evaporated, continue to drop nail wash water at the place with 502 glue until the glue is completely separated from the skin.

step 2: use hand sanitizer to remove crumbs and nail polish remover.

other ways to wash 502 glue

1, hot compress to remove 502 glue

if your fingers are stuck and there is no organic solvent around, you can use hot towel to apply 502 glue, about 15-20 minutes, the solid glue will soften, and then gently rub a few times to clean it.

2, insulating oil remove 502 glue

pour the insulating oil in the transformer with the cover, and then apply it on the glue part. The cured 502 glue will soon become soft, and then it can be rubbed off.

warm tips: 502 glue is a cyano compound, although it is non-toxic after curing, it will produce toxic substances after decomposition. When using, you must pay attention to avoid opening nose and eyes, and try not to let the glue contact the skin.

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