Vegetable juice has no special health function!

Vegetable juice has no special health function!

vegetable juice has no special health function!

vegetable juice can be regarded as a way to eat raw. Compared with heating cooking, it may lose less antioxidants. However, vegetable juicing or beating after all will not produce harmful substances, some of the loss of nutrients can be made up by eating more. People eat food not only for nutrition, but also for taste and convenience. Juicing or beating is more convenient than other cooking methods, and many people prefer their taste. For those who are inconvenient to cook vegetables or don’t like to eat vegetables, it’s very meaningful if juicing or beating can increase the amount of vegetables they eat. Especially for children who don’t like to eat vegetables, if vegetable juice is easier for them to accept, it’s worth doing.

it should be noted that the vegetable juice mentioned here is a pure vegetable juice without adding other ingredients. Compared with fruit juice, vegetable juice or vegetable pulp does not taste good. If for the sake of good taste, sugar and other flavoring ingredients can be added to it, then the intake of other ingredients will be increased. Sugar should be limited for most people. There are also some commercial vegetable juices on the market, which need to be processed and seasoned for taste and preservation, so it’s better to eat fresh vegetables directly.

as a way to eat vegetables, there is no problem in juicing, beating is better than juicing. However, they are only the way to eat vegetables. Compared with other ways of eating vegetables, they will not have much extra effect on weight loss and beauty.

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