Vinegar with these treasures can anti-aging

vinegar with these treasures can anti-aging

when we talk about vinegar, no one will be unfamiliar with it. It is one of the most common condiments in our life. It is very popular among people. Cooking and rice should be seasoned with vinegar. But although vinegar is common, its nutrition is not worse than those expensive health care products. Matching it with the right food can play an unexpected effect. Not only can beauty, but also detoxification kidney, treatment of disease.

1, vinegar + garlic

wash garlic, soak it in water for one night, then filter it dry the next day, add appropriate amount of vinegar, and wait for half a month to eat. Eat 3 cloves of garlic each time, so vinegar and garlic mixed to eat, not only can disperse cold and antipyretic, but also can effectively increase the body’s immunity, help prevent cold.

2, vinegar + egg

wash the egg and put it into the container. Pour in the original vinegar and seal it for 48 hours. When the eggshell is softened and only the thin eggshell is left to cover the swollen egg, unseal it, break the eggshell with chopsticks, mix the egg white, yolk and the original vinegar, and then take it after 24 hours. It can adjust and make up for the nutritional status of human body, improve and improve the metabolism level, and enhance the physique.

3, vinegar + ginger

cut ginger into thin slices and put it into a sealed jar. After filling with vinegar, seal it and put it in a cool and ventilated place. The combination of ginger and vinegar is really great. It can not only prevent hair loss, but also nourish the stomach, reduce weight, make the body’s Yang more vigorous, and double the effect of kidney tonifying.

anti aging methods

1, don’t over stress

many studies have shown that over stress can lead to premature wrinkles and increase Facial & lt; Staff & quot;. Try to have fun every day and relax.

2, often eat seaweed products

kelp, laver and other seaweed have similar plasma components, rich in a variety of minerals and nutrients. Seaweed helps detoxify the skin and fight free radicals, thereby slowing down aging.

, try making homemade mask

. Squeeze half a lemon juice and filter it with egg protein for 3 minutes. Then apply it directly to your face, not to your eyes. After 30 minutes, rinse with warm water.

4, do not eat or eat less sugar

excessive preference for sweets will lead to the reaction between sugar and protein in the skin, harm the collagen responsible for maintaining skin elasticity, and then accelerate the process of skin aging.

5, night cream nutrition care

night cream products containing vitamin B, C and P can be used before going to bed to stimulate cell metabolism and blood circulation. Protein plays a key role in the formation of collagen and elastin. Good sources of protein include meat, fish, eggs, beans, etc.

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