Vitamin B2

vitamin B2 is widely used in daily life. This kind of vitamin is also an important one for the human body. If the body lacks this vitamin B2, it may lead to problems in the metabolism of body cells, so that the body will easily get sick. Lack of vitamin B2, the body’s immune function will be reduced, will produce a lot of inflammation.

the intake of vitamin B2 can generally be obtained from fruits and vegetables. If the body takes too little vitamin B2, the body will have some abnormal conditions. Vitamin B2 is very good for cell growth and can also promote hair growth.

vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is slightly soluble in water and stable when heated in neutral or acidic solution.

various names of riboflavin:

common name: vitamin b2

European food additive No.: e101


other names:

vitamin B2, vitamin B 2, vitamin B 2, lactoflavin, lactoflavine, ovoflavin, vitamin g, vitamin g, bevlavit The physicochemical properties of flavitol, riboderm and zinvit-g22333


. They are water-soluble vitamins, but slightly soluble in water. The solubility is 12mg / 100ml at 27.5 ℃. Soluble in sodium chloride solution, easily soluble in dilute sodium hydroxide solution, easily soluble in alkaline solution, stable in strong acid solution. Heat resistant and oxidation resistant. Light and ultraviolet irradiation cause irreversible decomposition.

has a general function of

1 and participates in the metabolism of carbohydrate, protein, nucleic acid and fat, which can improve the utilization rate of protein and promote growth and development.

2, which is involved in cell growth and metabolism, is an essential nutrient for tissue metabolism and repair.

3, strengthen liver function, regulate adrenaline secretion.

4, protect the function of skin, hair follicle, mucous membrane and sebaceous gland.

5, and other substances interact to help carbohydrate, fat, protein metabolism.

above is to introduce some information of vitamin B2, I hope you have a deeper understanding of vitamin B2 after reading. We should take enough of the substances that our body needs, otherwise it will do harm to our body. Vitamin B2 is very helpful to human body, and it is also necessary for human body.

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