Vitamin deficiency? Food helps you supplement

Vitamin deficiency? Does food help you supplement

for lack of vitamins? Food helps you supplement

experts in nutrition once pointed out that natural food is the best choice for vitamin supplement. In addition, a foreign clinical study shows that the health recovery of patients who eat jujube continuously is more than three times faster than that of patients who only take vitamin medicine. So more can explain the supplement of vitamin daily diet can be!

lack vitamin A, what food does eye fatigue eat?

many natural foods are rich in vitamin A. The livers of chicken, duck, pig, sheep, cattle and fish are rich in vitamin A. Egg yolks and cream are also good sources of vitamin A. Many fruits and vegetables are also rich in vitamin A. Carotene turns into vitamin A. In addition, dark green leafy vegetables are also a good source of vitamin A.

how to supplement B vitamins?

b vitamin deficiency can cause mild fatigue, general pain, depression, low efficiency and so on. To supplement B vitamins, the most practical sources are coarse grains, beans and potatoes, such as red beans, soybeans, mung beans, oats, whole wheat foods, etc. In addition, lean pork and beef are also rich in vitamin B, but they also contain more saturated fat and cholesterol, and can only be eaten in small amounts every day.

what does vitamin C take?

all kinds of fresh vegetables, citrus fruits, hawthorn, fresh jujube, kiwi fruit, strawberry are rich in vitamin C. One orange (or kiwi fruit) or five strawberries (or jujubes) per day can meet the daily vitamin C requirement.

generally speaking, a healthy and balanced diet is enough to provide the body with sufficient vitamins and minerals, to avoid suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiency. Food is also rich in other nutrients, and can promote the body to absorb more nutrients, which is more comprehensive and balanced!

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