Want to reduce the harm of smoking? Eat this food!

Want to reduce the harm of smoking? Eat this food!

want to reduce the harm of smoking? Eat this food!

Lentinus edodes

Lentinus edodes contains 18 kinds of amino acids and vitamins. The polysaccharide in Lentinus edodes can improve the activity of anti-cancer immune cells in human body. The pileus also contains double stranded RNA, which will produce anti-cancer interferon after entering human body.

white radish

heat clearing and fluid generating, blood cooling and hemostasis, stomach digestion, phlegm clearing and heat clearing. If you want to quit smoking, you can cut the white radish into shreds, mix some salt or sugar according to your taste, and eat it as a snack, which is helpful to quit smoking.


is rich in selenium and other trace elements, which can improve the detoxification ability of liver, protect liver function, and enhance the body’s anti-tumor immunity.


lycopene in tomato is a kind of material with good protective effect on cardiovascular system. It is a strong antioxidant, which can eliminate free radicals, protect cells, enhance human immunity, prevent cancer progression, and reduce the attack of heart disease.

vitamin supplement

cigarette tar contains benzopyrene, which is very harmful to human body. Vitamin B2 can decompose it and then excrete it through cellulose. Therefore, foods rich in vitamin B2 and vegetables rich in cellulose should also be eaten more.

vitamin C can effectively fight against nicotine in cigarettes, improve cell resistance and maintain vascular elasticity. Foods rich in vitamin C include lemon, orange, jujube, tomato, cabbage, pepper, rape, balsam pear, radish, cauliflower and other fruits and vegetables. Therefore, smokers should eat more of these fruits and vegetables for health care.

iron and vitamin B12 can effectively relieve the oxygen delivery barrier, which is indispensable to the human body. Therefore, smokers should eat more iron containing foods, such as animal liver, meat, kelp, soybean, egg yolk, etc., and also need to supplement more foods rich in vitamin B12, such as milk, eggs, fish, beer, etc.

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