Warm water is close to body temperature, nutrition is easier to be absorbed, and the daily use of warm water is more wonderful.

warm water refers to cooling the fresh boiled water to 20-25 ℃ (it can also be cooled in advance, adding new boiled water when it is used, and mixing it to the palatable temperature); Resurrection water;. Persisting in the use of warm boiled water throughout the year will bring unexpected effects to health care. So, what’s the temperature of warm water? Here is a detailed introduction!

The wonderful use of warm boiled water

warm gargle

after eating food, gargle with warm boiled water repeatedly for several times, which can remove food residues smoothly, is a good method of oral cleaning; Before eating, gargle with warm boiled water to remove part of the dirt in the mouth; Before sleeping, rinse your mouth with warm boiled water, wash off the strange smell of mouth smoke, and wash away the food residues in your mouth and throat, so that you can fall asleep. Wash your mouth with warm boiled water and wash it with your tongue repeatedly; Stirring & quot; Rolling & quot; Make the tide;. Nose suction air, Sheng into the chest, and then hold your breath, vigorously burst out spray, water volley, heart, chest and nose suddenly feel refreshing!

gently flush stomach and intestines

get up in the morning, take a cup of warm boiled water, warm and soft feeling, stomach and intestines feel most comfortable! It’s like sending a cleaning team to your gastrointestinal tribe. When warm boiled water arrives, it will be washed away. The residues of gastrointestinal movement in the evening will follow the gentle flow of water; Hua Hua & quot; Flow direction & quot; Downstream & quot;, It will soon merge with feces and other toxic gases and pollutants and be discharged from the body.

warm brush teeth

many people often use & quot; Wash your face with cold water and brush your teeth with warm water; As the morning’s “Wenrun Tongdao”

, we often cause temporary blockage of the throat due to carelessness in the process of eating. Don’t dig blindly and hurt the esophageal tissue. The best way to do this is to swallow it in large mouthfuls with warm water and flush out the residue. Water, almost like a warm and moist & quot; Soft knife;, It has a very good effect on dredging laryngoesophageal retention; Special function & quot;.

warm and soft dredging plug

middle aged and elderly people often cause esophageal obstruction due to eating; Add plug & quot; However, some of the unpleasantness, due to the tangled mood, will form their own; Chest obstruction;. At this time, the use of a soft cup of warm water slowly swallow, will suddenly feel open-minded, remove plug, heart comfortable.

warm solution to drunkenness

many drinkers are easy to get drunk when they exchange cups. Although there are many so-called & quot; Antidote secret recipe;, Hope to get relaxed from drunkenness, but the best way is to let the drunk drink a few cups of warm water immediately, which can dilute the alcohol with warm water, protect the human liver, and compensate for the loss of a lot of water due to drunken vomiting. At the same time, we can consciously drink warm water after drinking every time, dilute the amount of alcohol in the body, and relieve the damage of liver function caused by alcohol as soon as possible; Alert & quot;.

What to pay attention to when drinking warm boiled water. However, this convenience may bring health risks. If you don’t finish drinking that day, be sure to pour it out.

this is because the nitrogen-containing organic matter in the long-term boiled water will be continuously decomposed into nitrite. At the same time, it is inevitable that the intervention of microorganisms will accelerate the decomposition of nitrogen-containing organic matter. The harm of nitrite to the body is well known. It has a strong ability to combine with hemoglobin in the body, which will hinder the normal oxygen transport function of the blood. Therefore, it’s best to drink the boiled water on the same day.

in addition, many families are used to drinking bottled water now, and the seemingly well sealed bottled water should also be drunk in three or four days. Because after barreled water has been opened for a long time, bacteria will slip in along the water inlet, and the negative pressure will be formed when the water dispenser comes out of the water, and some air will inevitably be inhaled, and the bacteria and microorganisms in the air will also & lt; Take advantage of the opportunity & quot;. If you don’t drink it in a short time, the bacteria will exceed the standard, and the purified water will no longer be pure.

relevant experts said that the water temperature depends on the specific situation. In winter, you can drink warm water to warm your stomach, while in summer, it can be slightly cool to relieve the heat. It is better not to keep it in cold condition for more than 24 hours. If it is kept in cold condition for a long time, the water will not only be polluted by bacteria in the air, but also be lost due to the gas dissolving into the water again; Activity;. Cold boiled water must be clean. After repeated boiling, boiled water left over from food such as steamed food and boiled water for a long time are not suitable for drinking.

liangbaikai is very beneficial to human health. It can not only moisten the throat, wake up the brain, prevent halitosis and constipation, but also has certain curative effect on pharyngitis. Get up early and have a cool drink, clear your stomach and expel toxins, and prolong your life.

although it’s good to be cold and white, you need to drink it properly. Generally, you need to drink 1.5 & mdash; a day; 2 liters. Drinking less water is not good, but drinking too much water can also cause poisoning. If you drink a lot of water immediately, it will lead to muscle twitch, so you can drink a little salted boiled water after exercise.

The taboo of warm boiled water

drinking less water is not good, but drinking too much water can also cause poisoning. People may be unfamiliar with this view. In fact, as early as the 1930s, the United States has reported cases of water poisoning caused by drinking too much water.

water accounts for about 60% to 70% of body weight and is relatively stable in the body. The cell membrane of human cells is a semi permeable membrane, and water can penetrate freely. If you drink too much water, blood and interstitial fluid will be replenished and released, osmotic pressure will be reduced, and water will penetrate into cells, causing cell swelling and water poisoning. Among them, brain cells react most quickly. Once brain cells are edematous, intracranial pressure will increase, leading to dizziness, brain swelling, headache, vomiting, fatigue, blurred vision, drowsiness, slow breathing and heart rate deceleration. In severe cases, coma, convulsions and even life-threatening will occur. When water poisoning occurs, there is too much water in the blood, and the concentration of sodium chloride in the blood drops, resulting in balanced release hyponatremia. The patient will have muscle pain and spasm.

water poisoning often occurs in daily life, but the degree is relatively light, and it has not attracted people’s attention. In the hot summer, after people sweat a lot, electrolytes such as sodium salt in the body are also lost. If people drink a lot of boiled water and do not make up the salt, muscle twitch or muscle spasm pain will appear. Muscle pain in the arms, thighs and legs is generally a manifestation of mild water poisoning. Therefore, in the hot summer, it is best to put some salt or drink salty soda when drinking water. If you are not used to drinking salty drinks, you should fry the vegetables salty. In this way, the lost salt and water can be replenished. After saline enters the body, it will quickly penetrate into the cells, so that the sweating and water deficient body can get water supplement in time, and can effectively prevent water poisoning. Don’t drink a lot of water before meals. It’s easy to dilute the gastric juice and reduce the digestion and absorption function of the stomach.

in addition, many people like to drink cold boiled water in summer, but it’s better not to drink water that has been stored for more than 24 hours, because if the storage time is too long, the water will produce a lot of bacteria and other substances.

drink fresh boiled water. Boiling water for 3 minutes is not only sterile, but also evaporates chlorine and some harmful substances. At the same time, it can maintain the essential nutrients for human body.

do not drink raw water, drinking raw water is a lot of harm, because chlorine in tap water can interact with the residual organic substances in unboiled water, resulting in increased chances of bladder cancer and rectal cancer. Don’t drink water that has been stored for a long time. This kind of water not only has no various minerals, but also may contain some harmful substances and cause poisoning.

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