Water spinach as medicine has many benefits!

Water spinach as medicine has many benefits!

: there are many benefits of using water spinach as medicine!

Folk Proverbs & lt; “Southern celery, the treasure of vegetables”;, It means that water spinach is a good dish. Water spinach is also known as water spinach, cabbage. The fresh and green water spinach is light fragrant, crisp and refreshing, easy to digest, and has high nutritional value. It is suitable for middle-aged and elderly people and children.

according to traditional Chinese medicine, Ipomoea aquatica is sweet in taste and cold in nature. It has the effect of cooling blood, clearing heat, removing dampness and detoxification. It is mainly used for epistaxis, constipation, drenching, bloody stool, blood in urine, hemorrhoids, carbuncle, stung, snake bite, etc. Because of the cold nature of water spinach, people with weak constitution, spleen and stomach deficiency, loose stools and diarrhea should not eat more.

there are folk prescriptions that use water spinach as medicine, for example, to treat lung heat, cough, hemoptysis, epistaxis, and hematuria. Water spinach and radish can be mashed to get juice, mixed with honey; In the treatment of children’s summer fever, thirst and yellow urine, 200 grams of fresh water spinach, 7 peeled water chestnuts and fried soup can be used; Water spinach and corn tallow must be equal to water and boiling soup to relieve thirst caused by diabetes. For the treatment of skin itching, fresh water spinach can be decocted with water for several times, and the affected area can be cleaned after the liquid is slightly warm, once a day.

water spinach can be eaten raw or cooked, either meat or vegetable, or soup or fried, or cold or pickled. The simplest way is to blanch the water spinach in boiling water, mix it with sesame oil and salt to make it fragrant, smooth and crisp.

is a medicated diet made from water spinach.

Zhimi ointment.

water spinach 2kg, wash, chop and pound juice. Put the vegetable juice in the pot, first boil it in high heat, then boil it in low heat and concentrate it. When the decoction is thick (about 250g is left), add 250g honey. Continue to fry until it is thick and sticky. Stop fire. After the honey paste cools, bottle it and refrigerate it for standby. Scoop one tablespoon each time, rinse with boiling water and drink, twice a day. The effect of clearing away heat and toxin is very good, which can be used to treat external hemorrhoids.

stewed chicken with cowpea and water spinach.

raw materials: cowpea 150g, water spinach 150g, chicken 1 (about 250-500g). Production: Chicken slaughtered, washed, cut into pieces, stewed with cowpea, water spinach, salt, onion and other seasonings, eating meat and vegetables. Efficacy: invigorating spleen, tonifying kidney and promoting diuresis. It is suitable for edema caused by deficiency of spleen and kidney qi, white urine, dizziness, acid knees, mental fatigue, loss of appetite, pale tongue, thin white fur, and fine pulse.

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