Water supplement plan in summer drink water supplement in summer

when summer comes, the body perspires more and needs to add a lot of water every day. So the question is, what is the right way to replenish water? Although there are many choices of drinks, why do we feel that the more we drink, the more thirsty we are? In fact, drinking drinks in summer is also particular. Now follow to understand it!

Summer drinks why drink more thirsty?

1. After sweating at high temperature, the diversion of water in the human body is large. Although a certain amount of water is added after drinking drinks, the ion concentration of sweet drinks is far greater than the average ion concentration of human blood, which will lead to the increase of the average ion concentration of human body and make people thirsty.

2. Another reason may be that excessive intake of polysaccharides for a short period of time will give strong stimulation to the nerve center, which will also cause thirst.

3. In addition, after drinking a sweet drink, the sticky feeling in the mouth will not make people feel comfortable. They always subconsciously use the drink to make them thirsty and repeatedly.

Then why is mineral water more thirsty?

if you sweat a lot in summer, not only water will be discharged, but also a lot of salt will be taken out of the body. If the salt content in the body is small, the osmotic pressure of the body will lose balance. Therefore, the water you drink at this time is not only unable to be stored in the cells, but also easily discharged with sweat, and the sweat will bring out salt, So there’s a vicious circle that the more you drink, the more thirsty you get.

drinking water in summer is also learned: one can not be less, two can not pass.

1. Many people don’t have the right way to replenish water, which leads to the body can’t replenish the water in time. If some people only drink water when they feel very thirsty, they will be mended when they are dead. The incidence rate of cerebral thrombosis and coronary heart disease is increased. Second, it is easy to form urinary calculi and urinary tract infection; Third, it is easy to make the skin dry, increase wrinkles and accelerate the aging of human body; Four will cause stool drying, produce endotoxin, cause abdominal distension, dizziness and other toxic symptoms.

therefore, in midsummer, it is necessary to replenish water in a timely and scientific manner. The daily amount of drinking water should reach more than 1000 ml, and drink regularly. Do not think of drinking water only when you are thirsty. Generally speaking, it’s best to get up in the morning, drink a cup of boiled water after brushing your teeth, have a cup at 10 a.m., have another cup before lunch, have a cup at 3 p.m., and have a cup before going to bed at night.

2. Excessive drinking water can cause poisoning. Add salt while replenishing water. Drinking less water is not good, but drinking too much water can also cause poisoning, water accounts for 65% to 70% of the body weight, and is relatively stable in the body. The cell membrane of human cells is a semi permeable membrane, and water can penetrate freely. If you drink too much water, blood and interstitial fluid will be replenished and released, osmotic pressure will be reduced, and water will penetrate into cells, causing cell swelling and water poisoning. Among them, brain cells react most quickly. Once brain cells are edematous, intracranial pressure will increase, leading to dizziness, headache, vomiting, fatigue, blurred vision, drowsiness, slow breathing and heart rate deceleration. In severe cases, coma, convulsions and even life-threatening will occur.

whether it is fruit juice, milk or tea drinks, it contains a lot of sugar, pigment, flavor and other additives. Therefore, if it is at home, boiling water, green tea and mung bean soup are the best choice, thirst quenching effect is the best, and no sugar, pigment, essence, etc. If you want to supplement the nutrients lost during sweating, you can drink vegetable juice with a small amount of salt (just can feel the salty taste), or bean soup with a small amount of salt (red bean soup, mung bean soup, etc.), supplement a variety of minerals and vitamins while replenishing water, and avoid the adverse effects of high sugar.

it should be noted that you should not drink water when you are thirsty, and when you are thirsty, try to drink slowly, put a small amount of water in your mouth, wet your mouth and throat, and then drink water.

Summer water supplement plan

when people get up in the morning

in the morning, after a night’s sleep, they consume a lot of water from their urine, skin and breath. After getting up in the morning, many people feel dry and itchy, In severe cases, there is tingling. And touch the skin, it is less elastic, dry feeling. In fact, at this time, the human body is in a state of physiological water shortage. Therefore, after a long sleep in the morning, to the body and skin hydration is the primary task.

drying index:

water replenishment strategy: drinking water in the morning is not only a water supplement to the body, but also an effective purification, which is medically recognized as health

hot sun

hot weather, people are prone to sweat. Excessive loss of water and salt will cause heatstroke, and even life-threatening. On the other hand, the plunder of hot sun on human skin moisture is amazing. Therefore, in addition to the necessary sunscreen measures, water should also be all-round, that is to say, human hair should be fully hydrated in place.

drying index:

water replenishment strategy: do a good job in protection work, such as playing sunshade, wearing sunshade hat, wearing sunglasses, it is best to apply sunscreen if conditions permit, and prepare sufficient drinks. These are good ways to prevent skin moisture loss.

in the bag, prepare a bottle of water spray, such as live spring, relieve the spray, keep the skin moist whenever and wherever possible.

if the skin has sunburn, remember to apply the after sun repair cream containing hydrating ingredients to relieve the burning feeling of the skin and avoid the skin congestion caused by dryness and heat.

if necessary, eat some seasonal fruits in summer, such as watermelon, tomato, etc. they have high water content, which is also a good product for nourishing skin and replenishing water.

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