Waxing fruit is a common phenomenon. Is waxing fruit really harmful to human body?

when buying fruit, many people will choose the one with smooth and glossy appearance, but some people think that it’s best to buy fruit; Ugly & quot; Yes, because & lt; Ugly & quot; It’s not waxed; Good looking & quot; Most fruits are waxed. Waxed fruits are harmful to health and can cause cancer. Let’s learn about it.

Current situation of waxing

the main purpose of fruit waxing is to sell well. Take oranges as an example, there is dust on the surface of newly picked oranges. Generally, fruit farmers will clean them first and then wax them through machines. In this way, the fruits sell well and the selling price is high. Many fruits wax. Such as citrus, orange, chestnut, etc. It is understood that some large-scale citrus processing enterprises have a kind of fruit called & quot; Fruit cleaning and waxing machine & quot; After the screening of oranges, it will automatically clean, disinfect, wax and dry.

some fruit traders said that in order to make the fruit look bright and smooth, some black heart vendors will use various dyes to color the fruit and then apply a layer of wax. This will not only attract customers’ attention, but also extend the storage time. Even if the fruit can not be sold out in a short time, the fruit will not dry.

navel oranges or oranges that use fruit wax mainly play the role of preservation. Wax forms a protective film on the surface of fruits, which can not only protect the skin of fruits and improve the gloss, but also prevent the water evaporation of fruits and retain the fresh flavor of fruits. In addition, after waxing, the bacteria are not easy to invade, which can prevent corrosion and insects. Fruit waxing can not only make the fruit look good, but also extend the shelf life. It is widely used in citrus, pear and other fruits.

So, is waxed fruit really harmful to human body?

in fact, in order to have a good look, many businesses will wax the fruits. The waxed fruits not only look better, but also attract the attention of buyers, but also have fresh-keeping effect, which can prevent the infection of mold and bacteria, prevent the erosion of pests, and prevent the loss of water in the fruits, which is conducive to the preservation of fruits.

however, to wax fruit, we must comply with the relevant provisions of China’s “Hygienic standard for the use of food additives”, we must use & lt; Food grade wax;, For example: morpholine fatty acid salt (fruit wax), Brazil palm wax, etc. Businesses as long as the scientific use of food grade wax, generally will not be harmful to the human body.

although standard waxing will not be harmful to human body, some businesses will use industrial wax in order to make more profits. The composition of industrial wax is complex. If it contains lead, mercury and other heavy metals, it will bring harm to human health!

Experts advise

industry insiders suggest that when buying fruit, you should not only focus on the fruit that sells well, you can buy more appearance & quot; Simplicity & quot; It’s fruit. The public can identify whether the fruit is waxed by their naked eyes. If the skin color of the fruit is bright and shiny, it is likely that it has been waxed.

a medical professor suggested that waxed fruits should be peeled. Because the general wax is not water-soluble, according to the usual way to wash the wax off the skin, the fruit surface may also have pesticide residues. In addition, there are many invisible holes in the fruit epidermis, so the dye can easily penetrate into the inner pulp. It is difficult to determine the harm to human body because it is uncertain whether food grade or industrial dyes are used by hawkers and how much they use. Therefore, before buying and eating fruits, the public must pay attention to whether they are dyed. They should not eat dyed fruits. When eating fruits that can be peeled, it is better to peel them before eating them.

So, how can we reduce the harm of wax to human body?

1. Don’t look too good. In order to make the fruit more beautiful, some businesses will use a lot of wax or industrial wax, which does not meet the prescribed dosage standard. Therefore, when consumers buy fruit, it is recommended not to buy fruit with too bright color.

2. Wash before eating. If you’re worried about waxing fruits, you’d better peel them. If you don’t peel them, clean them thoroughly with clean water.

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