We also pay attention to the eating methods of grains

The black beans in soybeans are known as & lt; Valley of the kidney;, Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of Tonifying the kidney, strengthening the body, detoxifying and moistening the skin, and has a good therapeutic effect on kidney deficiency and edema.

edible: after bubble hair, beat into soy milk, or boil black bean porridge, once a day in the morning and evening. According to traditional Chinese medicine, sorghum has the functions of soothing the stomach, invigorating the spleen, relieving diarrhea, nourishing the liver, benefiting the stomach, warming the spleen, and promoting dystocia.

edible: stir fried sorghum flour, has the effect of astringent diarrhea, people with chronic diarrhea, can continue to eat for a period of time, there will be therapeutic effect. Children with indigestion can use sorghum jujube powder: sorghum rice 60g, fried incense; 10 jujubes, to core, fried coke storage, with sorghum rice into fine powder, add appropriate amount of sugar, mix evenly. 6 ~ 12g each time. Warm water for service.

wheat nourishes the heart of five zang organs

wheat is known as & lt; The price of grain;, In traditional Chinese medicine, wheat is sweet in taste and cool in nature. It can nourish the heart and tranquilize the mind, eliminate trouble and replenish qi. It is also recorded in Li Shizhen’s Compendium of Materia Medica; Wheat can remove heat, stop trouble, moisten dryness, facilitate urination, and be good at tonifying heart qi& rdquo; Therefore, wheat is very important for heart.

edible: take whole wheat porridge with skin, or go to the traditional Chinese medicine store to buy some floating wheat boiled water, take it in the morning, middle and evening every day. Eating wholemeal can reduce the content of estrogen in blood circulation, so as to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment of breast cancer. For menopausal women, eating unrefined wheat can also alleviate menopausal syndrome.

rice can tonify the lung of five zang organs

traditional Chinese medicine believes that rice is sweet and flat, and has the functions of Tonifying the middle and Qi, nourishing yin and moistening the lung, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and eliminating thirst. Ancient health practitioners also advocated & lt; Eat porridge in the morning; Therefore, patients with cough and constipation caused by lung yin deficiency can take rice porridge sooner or later.

food: cook rice porridge with low heat until the rice soup is thick. You can only drink rice soup instead of rice grains and take it at any time. In traditional Chinese medicine, millet is sweet, salty and cool; Entering kidney, spleen and stomach channels; It has the functions of strengthening spleen and stomach, tonifying deficiency, removing heat and detoxifying. If you want to nourish the five zang organs, you must first nourish the spleen and stomach. Therefore, millet is the best tonic for the weak. It can replenish qi and prolong life.

, eat millet congee and take the rice oil on top. This is the essence of millet congee. Xiaomi congee has & lt; Daishen Decoction & quot; It’s a good name. In addition, millet porridge has a certain effect on insomnia, and drinking millet porridge at night can help sleep.

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