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which is the complementary food of tea As tea has many functions, it can prevent and treat many diseases of women and children in internal and external departments. Therefore, tea is not only a medicine, but also a kind of medicine, just as the Tang Dynasty Chen cangqi stressed: “tea is a kind of medicine, which can prevent and treat many diseases of women and children in internal and external departments; Tea is the medicine of all diseases;. Usually drink tea should pay attention to small problems, because tea and some food, should pay attention to is.

1, tea and eggs

tea boiled eggs, the concentration of tea is very high, strong tea contains more tannic acid, tannic acid can make the protein in food into indigestible coagulation material, affect the human body’s absorption and utilization of protein.

2, tea and sugar

tea tastes bitter and cold. The purpose of people drinking tea is to stimulate the digestive gland with the help of the bitter taste of tea, promote the secretion of digestive juice, and enhance the digestive function. Then it is to use the cold and cool nature of tea to achieve the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. If sugar is added to tea, this function will be inhibited. But ancient books also have tea with sugar treatment of disease, as food therapy can, if usually drink tea is not with sugar.

3, tea and wine

many people like to drink tea after drinking, in order to achieve the effect of moistening dryness and relieving alcohol, eliminating accumulation and transforming food, and dredging water channels, but this is not good for the kidney. Because drinking tea after drinking, theophylline has diuretic effect. At this time, the acetaldehyde converted by alcohol has not been completely decomposed, that is, it enters the kidney due to the diuretic effect of theophylline. Acetaldehyde has greater irritation to the kidney, which is easy to cause damage to renal function. So cold kidney, frequent turbid urine, testicular pain and other symptoms to connect.

4, tea and medicine

tannic acid in tea can react with some drugs (such as ferrous sulfate tablets, ammonium ferric citrate, berberine, etc.) to produce precipitation, which affects the drug absorption. If you take sedatives with tea (such as phenobarbital, diazepam, etc.), the stimulants such as caffeine and theophylline in tea will counteract or weaken the sedative effect of drugs. Because there are many kinds of drugs, it is not easy to master them, so they are all taken with warm water, which is beneficial and harmless.

5, tea and mutton

although eating mutton from time to time is of great benefit to the body, when eating mutton and drinking tea, the rich protein in mutton can be the same as the tannic acid in tea; Marriage & quot;, It produces a substance called acid detecting protein. This kind of material has certain astringent action to intestines, can make the peristalsis of intestines weaken, the moisture in defecate reduces, easy to produce constipation. Therefore, it is not appropriate to drink tea while eating mutton. After eating mutton, you should not drink tea immediately, but wait for 2 & mdash; Three hours before tea.

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