We should also pay attention to these taboos when drinking soybean milk

. We should also pay attention to these taboos when drinking soybean milk

1. Brown sugar can not be added in soybean milk, because there are many organic acids in brown sugar, which can easily denature and precipitate protein by combining with protease in soybean milk, so it is not easy to be absorbed by human body. And sugar doesn’t have that. Some people like to use thermos to hold soymilk for heat preservation. This method is not enough, because the warm and humid internal environment of thermos is very conducive to bacterial reproduction. In addition, the soap toxin in soybean milk can also dissolve the scale in thermos, which will be harmful to human health.

2, soybean milk nature of cold, indigestion, belch gas and kidney function is not good, the best drink less soybean milk. In addition, soy milk can produce gas under the action of enzymes, so people with abdominal distension and diarrhea had better not drink soy milk.

3. Because soybean milk is made of soybean, which contains high purine content and belongs to cold food, it is not suitable for people with deficiency cold constitution who have gout symptoms, fatigue, body deficiency, mental fatigue and other symptoms to drink Soybean milk.

4. It is also necessary to remind that soybean milk must not be taken together with antibiotics such as erythromycin, because they will have antagonistic chemical reactions. The interval between drinking soybean milk and taking antibiotics should be more than 1 hour.

5. Soybean milk must not only be boiled, but also the pot cover must be opened when cooking soybean milk. This is because only by opening the pot cover can the harmful substances in soybean milk evaporate with the steam.

what soybean milk do you have?

1: prevention and cure of cancer

research found that soybean milk contains rich protein, selenium and molybdenum, which can effectively prevent cancer and treat cancer, especially for gastrointestinal cancer and breast cancer. Through clinical data, scientists found that people who don’t drink soy milk are about 50% more likely to have cancer than people who often drink soy milk.

2: reduce cholesterol

adhere to take the right amount of soybean milk every day can be a good discharge of cholesterol, reduce cholesterol content. This is because soybean milk contains a lot of soybean protein and soybean lecithin, which can promote the blood clarity in the body and maintain a good metabolism in the body.

: prevention and treatment of hypertension and diabetes.

soybean milk contains a large amount of soybean sterol and magnesium and potassium. These substances are very good salt and sodium resistance. The main reason for the occurrence and recurrence of hypertension is due to the sodium element in the body, so we only need to strictly control the amount of sodium element in daily life, which can prevent and treat hypertension well. Soybean milk contains rich vitamins, which can effectively reduce the excessive absorption of sugar, so that it can reduce the sugar content in the body, and can prevent the possibility of diabetes.

4: beauty

do you know that regular use of soybean milk can not only promote health, but also has the effect of beauty. This is because soybean milk contains a lot of vitamins and selenium, which have good antioxidant effect, especially for brain cells. In addition, soybean milk is also rich in plant hormones, soybean protein, lecithin and isoflavones. Therefore, soybean milk is also a natural estrogen supplement, which can regulate the endocrine situation of the body, beautify the skin and delay aging.

5: promote intestinal health

research found that regular use of soy milk can promote intestinal health, avoid constipation or diarrhea. This is because soybean milk contains soybean glycogen, which can promote the smooth defecation in the body and make the intestinal wall more smooth. In addition, soybean oligosaccharides will not be absorbed by the body’s intestines and stomach, but will directly move to the large intestine, often so, the gastrointestinal tract will be more and more healthy.

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