Weight loss tea formula

weight loss is a hot word every summer. The formula of weight loss tea is also a topic of great concern to friends. Friends who are fatter are always thinking about how to lose weight better and faster, so as not to hurt the body, but also to become slim. Especially in summer, they all want to lose their weight, so that they can put on their favorite beautiful clothes, Make yourself different in the summer.

weight loss tea is a weight loss method that many friends will choose. However, when drinking tea, we should also control our diet, eat less food with high calorie and fat content, eat more light food, fruits and vegetables, and exercise as much as possible to consume too many calories in the body. Only in this way can we ensure that when drinking weight loss tea, the effect will be better and it is not easy to rebound, Here are several kinds of diet tea formula, let’s see which one is suitable for you.

1 lotus leaf slimming tea

raw materials: 3G lotus leaf, 6G fried cassia seed and 3 roses.

preparation method: make with boiling water.

lotus leaf slimming tea suitable for people: suitable for people with high fat and excessive fat intake in diet institutions.

lotus leaf slimming tea is not suitable for people: 1. Pregnant women; 2. Women during menstruation; 3. Those who are thin and weak in Qi and blood should be cautious.

simple formula of homemade family slimming tea

2 Luoshen lotus leaf slimming tea

raw materials: Luoshen spend 4 money, half lotus leaf, rock sugar.

preparation: cut the washed lotus leaves into small pieces along the vein, put them in a 50ml water pot together with Luoshen flower, and cook for 15 minutes. Add the right amount of rock sugar seasoning, can avoid sour taste, but avoid too sweet.

the sweet and sour taste of luoshenhua has always been popular among people. This tea drink not only tastes good, but also can remove greasiness and flatulence, so as to keep people away from bloated body. It is a natural drink suitable for the whole family.

simple formula of homemade family slimming tea

3 sweet scented lotus leaf slimming tea

raw materials: 3 grams of lotus leaf and green tea, 5 grams of sweet scented osmanthus, an appropriate amount of rock sugar, 250 ml of water

preparation: add all the tea materials after boiling with water in the pot. Boil for about 5 minutes, then turn off the fire, filter the residue and drink.

simple formula of homemade family slimming tea

4 hawthorn and lotus leaf slimming tea

raw materials: Hawthorn 5 money, lotus leaf 3 money, red dates 2-3.

preparation method: Boil 500ml of boiling water, add all the materials, boil for about 5 minutes, and then drink. This tea can reduce body fat, spleen, blood pressure, qingxinshen, can prevent obesity, hypertension, arteriosclerosis and other diseases, because eating too much Hawthorn will stimulate the stomach, can prevent obesity; Add dates to make tea more peaceful and pleasant.

simple formula of homemade family slimming tea

5 tangerine peel and lotus leaf slimming tea

raw materials: tangerine peel 500g, fresh lotus leaf 100, raw Yiren, raw Hawthorn 1000g each.

preparation method: wash the fresh lotus leaves collected in summer, cut them into shreds and dry them in the air. Grind dried tangerine peel, hawthorn and Yiren into fine powder, mix them with lotus leaves, divide them into 100 bags, 1 bag a day, and brew them with boiling water for 100 days.

weight loss tea has a lot of recipes. You should drink it according to your physical condition when you choose it. If you take medicine, please consult your doctor before drinking it. In addition, to lose weight in the process of eating to chew slowly, slow down the speed of eating, to lose weight also has a certain effect.

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