What a healthy dinner should be

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The best time for dinner is around 18 o’clock. Don’t go to bed within four hours after dinner. Eat less and sleep soundly. The specific amount depends on everyone’s physical condition and personal needs, and is measured by feeling not hungry. Dinner must not be full, let alone overstretched. Dinner time is best arranged at around 18 PM, try not to exceed 8 pm. It’s better not to eat anything after 8 o’clock, except drinking water. In addition, do not go to bed within four hours after dinner, so that the food eaten at night can be fully digested.

2, carbohydrate rich food

the latest research found that rice is the best choice for midnight snack, because it has a good & lt; Hypnosis & quot; effect. Rice makes it easier for people to fall asleep by stimulating the brain to release two sleep promoting chemicals, tryptophan and serotonin, according to a study. Besides rice, bread is also a good choice.

3. Foods rich in tryptophan, including grains (millet, soybean), bananas, seaweed, etc, Increase the amount of tryptophan entering the brain.

what are the three principles of healthy dinner?

1, light, low-fat, easy to digest

dinner should be light, pay attention to choose less fat, easy to digest food, and pay attention not to eat too much. Dinner nutrition excess, consumption of fat will not accumulate in the body, resulting in obesity, affect health. Dinner time is too late, too long, eat too full to sleep, it is easy to cause indigestion and insomnia.

2, simple, quantitative,

compared with breakfast and lunch, dinner should be more simple, generally requires that the energy provided by dinner does not exceed 30% of the total energy of the whole day. It is impossible to avoid eating dishes without restriction and at the same time ensure the intake of staple food; Quantitative & quot;, Healthy adults at least 300 grams per day, dinner can be appropriately reduced. On the other hand, in the choice of staple food, we should try our best to favor the coarse grains which are good for digestion and nutrition.

3, vegetarian dinner is more healthy,

dinner must be partial vegetarian, rich in vitamins and carbohydrates, especially should eat more fresh vegetables, try to reduce too much protein, fat food intake.

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