What about alcoholism

what about alcoholism? In fact, alcoholism refers to the fact that excessive use of alcohol causes the nerve center to be stimulated, excited, but then inhibited. Severe poisoning can cause respiratory, heart failure, and even death. So what if alcoholism is discovered. Let’s take a look at the following introduction.

once we drink too much, we will get drunk, so we have acute alcoholism. After getting drunk, if the patients belong to moderate or above alcoholism, it is suggested that we send the patients to the hospital and timely take gastric lavage and infusion treatment. If the rescue is timely, there are generally no sequelae. Therefore, how to deal with alcoholism, for people with mild alcoholism, it is necessary to take timely measures to reduce the harm of alcohol.

drunk performance if excessive drinking, drinking to the point of intoxication, will cause acute alcoholism. Its clinical manifestations can be divided into three stages: the excitation stage: at this time, the lower center of cerebral cortex is excited, the face is flushed, the spirit is excited, the conversation is endless, the crying and laughing is impermanent, the dizziness, the headache and so on. The blood alcohol concentration was about 0.1%. Ataxia period: at this time, the excited state disappears, and the reaction is slow, the movement is clumsy, the walking is faltering, and even loses the balance, the consciousness is fuzzy, the nonsense. The blood alcohol concentration can reach about 0.2%. Lethargy period: at this time, the cerebral cortex is in a state of high inhibition, with pale complexion, cyanosis of lips, accelerated pulse, incontinence of urine and urine, and coma. At this time, if the blood alcohol concentration rises to about 0.6%, it often leads to respiratory paralysis, respiratory arrest, which is the most common cause of death.

measures to relieve alcohol. Make the drunk sleep quietly, keep warm in winter, and apply cold compress on the head. Hasten as soon as possible, chopsticks can be used to stimulate the pharynx hasten coating, reduce the stimulation of alcohol on gastric mucosa. Drink plenty of water (warm boiled water, light salt water, sugar water or honey water, mung bean soup, etc.), reduce the alcohol concentration in the blood, and speed up urination, so that the alcohol can be quickly eliminated with urine. Eat more fruits, such as pears, oranges, apples, watermelon, tomatoes, etc., burn the alcohol with fructose, and take vitamin B1 and vitamin E to promote the decomposition of alcohol, Take 5g of sugar and 30ml of vinegar. After sugar dissolves, take it once.

after solving the causes of alcoholism, we also have a certain understanding of how to do with alcoholism. We hope that after we know the situation of alcoholism, we should take emergency measures in time to help people solve the harm of alcoholism, which is the most beneficial for people’s health.

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