What about coffee on an empty stomach?

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disadvantages of drinking coffee on an empty stomach. Now, from the perspective of medicine, I’d like to analyze the disadvantages of drinking coffee on an empty stomach, hoping to help my friends who have the habit of drinking coffee in the morning.

first of all, coffee can stimulate gastric acid secretion. Even if you drink it on an empty stomach, it will also stimulate your stomach. Therefore, drinking coffee on an empty stomach, which is already stimulating, is easy to cause & lt; Stomach qi injury;, Thus affecting the digestion and absorption of gastric function, serious cases will lead to gastric ulcer, and patients with gastric ulcer should pay more attention not to drink coffee on an empty stomach. Secondly, coffee is rich in sugars and energy. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach not only hurts the stomach, but also makes people fat.

in addition, many components in coffee are detoxified through the liver, but the liver is lack of energy on an empty stomach, so drinking coffee on an empty stomach will increase the burden on the liver and cause damage to the liver.

therefore, it is best not to drink coffee on an empty stomach. Morning to drink coffee, suitable for eating bread, etc. Two or three cups of coffee a day is the most appropriate amount, which can stabilize the mood at work without affecting the body. In addition, when drinking coffee, no matter hot or cold, it should be mixed with some boiled water. This can remove the bad breath, so as to better taste the taste of coffee. Because coffee has the function of diuresis, drinking plenty of boiled water can improve the urine output and protect the kidney function. At the same time, there is no need to worry that drinking coffee will get angry.

how about drinking coffee on an empty stomach?

drinking coffee in the morning really helps to clear your mind and be energetic, but you need to eat breakfast before you can drink it, otherwise it is easy to damage the gastrointestinal function. People with stomach and duodenal ulcer should especially avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach. Even people who are used to drinking coffee can not use coffee on an empty stomach or near an empty stomach, which will lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as palpitation, dizziness, headache, nausea and fatigue. Because coffee can stimulate gastric acid secretion, especially people with gastric ulcer should be more cautious. Drinking coffee can also temporarily suppress appetite. But if you just drink coffee without breakfast, it’s not good for you to lose weight.

it is worth noting that patients with hypertension should avoid drinking caffeinated drinks when they are under pressure at work. Because caffeine in coffee can lead to a rise in blood pressure, if combined with emotional stress, it can have a dangerous multiplier effect. Coffee as a drink, drinking, according to the individual situation, generally speaking, in nutrition or emphasis on a balanced diet and less spicy stimulating food. Before drinking coffee in the morning, it’s best to eat with some bread and so on.

is coffee good for pregnant women?

coffee is a very popular drink, but it doesn’t mean that pregnant women can drink it freely. There are also many first-time mothers who don’t know what to drink and what not to drink during pregnancy. So, is coffee really good for pregnant women?

in fact, pregnant women who consume more than 200 mg of caffeine a day have twice the risk of miscarriage as others, reaching nearly 25%. In contrast, pregnant women who don’t drink caffeinated drinks have a 12% chance of miscarriage. In addition, pregnant women who consume less caffeine also have the possibility of miscarriage, but the risk is much lower. Therefore, pregnant mothers should give up coffee some time before pregnancy. In addition, they should never drink coffee in the first three months of pregnancy. Caffeine can block blood flow to the placenta, which adversely affects fetal development and eventually leads to miscarriage.

the main components of coffee are caffeine, colchicine and other alkaloids, and these substances are drugs to stimulate the central nervous system. After a large number of pregnant women drink coffee, the caffeine will stimulate pregnant women, which can make their heart beat faster, blood pressure rise, dizziness, nausea and so on. In addition, too much caffeine intake may affect the development of fetal brain, heart, liver and other important organs, so it is better for pregnant women to drink less coffee. So, pregnant mother had better not drink coffee!

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