What about dog poisoning?

because dogs do not have the ability to recognize food, dog poisoning often occurs in daily life. Moreover, some dogs are prone to death before they are sent to the veterinary station because they eat some pesticides or highly toxic drugs by mistake, This requires dog owners to master some emergency measures for dogs, and open a channel for dogs’ lives after poisoning.

in fact, as long as the dog owners pay more attention to learn some rescue methods about dog poisoning, then they don’t have to be at a loss when the dog poisoning hasn’t been treated. Therefore, this paper introduces several emergency treatment steps after dog poisoning for your reference.

steps / METHODS:

emesis: it is mainly used for the early first aid of poisoning. Generally, 1% – 2% copper sulfate solution is used for oral administration. It can also be used for emesis with concentrated saline and light soapy water. If possible, it can be injected subcutaneously with apomorphine (0.07 mg / kg). Do not induce emesis in case of coma and convulsion.

gastric lavage: thorough gastric lavage within 2-4 hours after poisoning is the most effective, but some drugs remain in the stomach more than 4 hours, and some drugs are extremely difficult to eliminate, so gastric lavage is still necessary. Gastric lavage with gastric catheter is more often used.

enema: choose 0.1% potassium permanganate or ordinary warm water as enema solution, and the liquid volume is 20-40 ml per kg body weight.

catharsis: in order to accelerate the excretion of intestinal contents and reduce absorption, inorganic salt catharsis, such as sodium sulfate or magnesium sulfate, can be used, 1g / kg body weight, dissolved in 20-50ml water, gavage or enema. If it is a non fat soluble poison, oil cathartic can also be used.

cleaning: Wangyi pet net recommends to remove skin and mucous membrane poisons. Generally, use a large amount of water, vinegar or soapy water (it is forbidden to inhale trichlorfon on the body surface) to repeatedly clean the whole body hair and dry it with towel.

oxygen inhalation: most poisons can cause dyspnea, severe cases will suffocate. Oxygen inhalation can alleviate the disease and promote the excretion of poison.

the above is about the first aid measures that need to be taken after the dog poisoning, so as to provide enough time for the rescue of the dog’s life. Here, we need to remind you that after the dog has poisoning symptoms, the above mentioned methods are only temporary delay or reduce the harm of the poison to the dog’s life, The most direct way is to suggest that you send the dog to the pet hospital for treatment in time.

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