What about shoes stinking? Tips for removing shoe odor:

What about shoes stinking? Tips for removing shoe odor:

tips for removing shoe odor:

shoes always have some odor because of poor ventilation. So how to get rid of the bad smell in shoes?

1. Put dry tea (soaked) bag into shoes to remove peculiar smell.

2, garlic + vinegar reheat water in the basin, soak until the water temperature is cool. Because garlic can kill bacteria.

3. It’s better to wear genuine leather shoes, which are not easy to sweat. It’s really better to wear them more expensive than your own feet.

4. When you don’t wear shoes, you can take them to the balcony to bask in the sun. First, it’s for sterilization. Second, it’s to keep the shoes dry and prevent the growth of bacteria.

5. Socks are also easy to smell. Pour a little white vinegar into the water for washing socks, soak for a while, and then wash with clean water. This can not only remove the odor, but also play the role of sterilization.

6. The stink in the shoe cabinet is also well solved. As long as you put a piece of soap in the shoe cabinet, you can easily remove the odor in the shoe cabinet. Open the shoe cabinet and smell good.

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