What about soybean dregs after beating soybean milk? Can the soybean residue left by grinding soybean milk be eaten?

every time after the soybean milk is finished, a lot of bean dregs will be left. It is a pity to lose it. Because the essence of soybean is in it. Do you know if there is any way to make other beans?

bean dregs biscuits

what about bean dregs after beating soybean milk?

fried vegetables

1, fried with snow vegetables, have a unique flavor.

2. Stir fry with some scallion, salt and chicken essence. Stir fry with high heat and dry will be very fragrant!

3, scrambled eggs, taste very special, or add shredded silver fish, the best.

4. Chopped celery, chopped carrot and fried with minced meat. It’s simple and delicious.

make balls

add some raw flour, add some carrots if you like, and then fry them into small balls. They are delicious and waxy. You can’t finish a meal. Add it when making soup. It’s very fragrant.


have several pancakes. Basically, you can do this:

1, add seasonings such as salt and monosodium glutamate, and then add flour, eggs and water, like spreading egg pancakes. The egg pancakes made in this way are more chewy.

2. Add peanuts and sesame seeds when beating soybean milk, so that the baked cake will be more fragrant. Then mix the bean dregs and flour together, add the yeast stirred with 30 ℃ warm water, mix it into a dough, wake up for half an hour, wait for the noodles to open, and after the noodles are made, bake the onion oil cake.

3. Add sugar with corn flour and. Bake it into a sweet cake. It is the same size as the mouth of a tea cup. It is very sweet. Or fried.

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