What about the fading of black clothes? Life inventory tips

What about the fading of black clothes? Tips for inventory life:

tips for inventory life:

tips for making silk stockings more durable. When it’s hard to freeze, take it out and thaw it naturally. When you put it on, it will be out of line. In addition, you can also add a fifth cup of vinegar to wash, or use a tablespoon of sugar dissolved water to wash, the effect is also good.

remedy for fading of black clothes

if it’s cotton, wash it with a little beer in water. If it’s wool, wash it with boiled spinach juice.

ways to prevent the yellowing of white silk shirt

apply milk before washing. It’s incredible to prevent yellowing. After washing, the last flush with a little milk, also has the effect. This method does not need a lot of milk, so try it.

ways to prevent color fading of jeans. Usually in washing, if you can turn the inside out and then wash and dry, you can also minimize the degree of fading.

emergency treatment when the sole is easy to slide

rubbing the sole with sandpaper can greatly reduce the possibility of slipping. Cut the raw potato in half and rub the cross section against the sole, so it won’t slip. You can stick adhesive tape on the sole, especially in rainy days. So despite the rain, you can go out in beautiful shoes without worrying about slipping.

ways to keep leather and silk clothing for a long time. Because things in the case of sealing, can not contact the air, moisture will accumulate in it, of course, hair enzyme is inevitable. Therefore, it is better to remove the plastic bags and cover them with tissue paper before storing the clothes taken back from the laundry.

ways to eliminate the creases of skirt and trouser leg

at this time, if you apply a little vinegar on the creases, it will not be so obvious. Before ironing, apply a little vinegar on the crease with an old toothbrush, and then scald it at a low temperature, and you can hardly see it.

methods to prevent dust from CD player

antistatic agent is best used. And this thing can be replaced by home clothes softener. Dilute it with ten times water, and then wipe the surface lightly with paper towel or soft cloth to remove the dust easily.

how to restore the sharpness of scissors. Maintenance method of

tape recorder. Only in this way can the sound quality be restored.

removal method of crayon stain without damaging furniture

crayon stain can not be removed by water. Although it can be removed by paint solvent, it will peel off the paint and damage the surface. The most suitable method is to wipe with toothpaste. It’s not only clean, but also won’t hurt the furniture.

convenient way to store clothes

clothes that you don’t wear often are easy to be bitten by insects if they are not stored properly. Therefore, before storage, a newspaper of the day can be spread under the cabinet. Because just the ink smell of newspaper has the effect of insect repellent. In addition, insect repellent can form double protection, and the newspaper of the day is spread, so we can see when it was put away in the future. It can be said that killing two birds with one stone.

ashtray oil dirt removal method

can sprinkle a little salt in the ashtray, and then wipe the dirt with a cloth made of cork.

glass overlapping can not be taken out of the treatment

can add cold water in the inner cup, the outer cup immersed in warm water. If there is a temperature difference between them, they can be pulled out smoothly. In addition, it can also be lubricated with detergent or soap on the overlapping shelf to facilitate removal.

method to remove the smell of cigarette on the car

can lay coffee grounds in the ashtray. Because coffee grounds have considerable deodorization effect, when the cigarette ends are kneaded and extinguished, the moisture of coffee grounds can immediately extinguish the spark, and when the coffee grounds are packed in cloth bags, the odor in the whole car can also be removed.

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