What additives do you have in Baijiu?

What additives do you have in Baijiu?

what additives do we have in Baijiu?

Baijiu Baijiu, according to industry experts, is more than 98% of the ingredients in Baijiu, which are water and ethanol. The other less than 2% of the ingredients are other esters, acids, aldehydes and alcohols. These substances are less than those of the liquor, but they are the main components of various flavors of liquor, which affect the wind pattern of liquor.

a real pure grain wine can be brewed without additives. In order to adjust the taste or save costs, individual Baijiu enterprises will add esters, acids, alcohols, flavors, saccharin sodium and other ingredients in wine. Especially in the low-end products, the corresponding substances will be added to adjust the taste. Some not only add flavor, sweet element, except bitter, in order to hang cup also add edible glycerin. There are also some wine companies adding citric acid to the wine, which makes you feel very soft, comfortable and delicious.

, Baijiu Baijiu, which is the representative of the new Baijiu liquor, is a product of medium and low grade liquor, which is brewed by illegal flavoring. This is especially serious in the year wine, and illegal traders or enterprises mix Baijiu liquor more effectively through additives.

although there have been many industry standards that restrict the business to add alcohol and food additives to Baijiu, almost all products have not implemented this requirement.

industry experts suggest that as a wine enterprise, it should make records of the source and dosage of food additives added in the production process for reference and inspection. The relevant departments should record the additives entering Bensheng, Bensheng, benxian, etc., and implement the sales notification system for the food additive factories in this region. At the same time, the addition of food additives should be truthfully indicated on the label, so that consumers have the right to know. Relevant departments should also formulate corresponding quality standards to strictly regulate the use of additives in Baijiu.

Baijiu Baijiu is really healthy?

in the past two years, consumers have become increasingly rational in liquor consumption, and the demand for healthy food is becoming more and more obvious. The products claimed to be healthy Baijiu are healthier than other Baijiu liquor because of their health function factors containing pyrazine or their homologous functional factors of Medicine and food.

most of the current health Baijiu claims have multiple causes: they can be realized by adding beneficial ingredients in wine. Or choose raw materials of raw materials for medicine and food, and others claim that the traditional Baijiu fermentation process has been revolutionized and innovating.

healthy Baijiu, although they all play &ldquo. Health & quot; But there is no exact data to prove the actual effect of the claimed function.

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