What are health tonic tea?

nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the topic of health preservation, mainly hoping to keep healthy and strong all the time. There are many ways to help you achieve this goal. Today, Xiaobian wants to focus on daily tea. Next, we will recommend several kinds of tea with obvious health preserving and Qi tonifying effects in detail. Let’s get to know through this article.

1. Rose Buqi tea: rose is warm in nature and sweet in aroma. It has the functions of regulating qi and relieving depression, dredging meridians and activating collaterals, and beautifying and nourishing skin. Red dates are rich in iron and vitamins, and have the functions of enriching blood and Qi. American ginseng has the functions of enriching qi and nourishing yin. It is suitable for people with deficiency of both qi and Yin, Therefore, this rose jujube and American ginseng Buqi tea can nourish Qi, nourish blood and moisturize skin. Brewing method: take 3 red dates, 5g American ginseng and 6 dry roses.

2, red jujube wolfberry tea: red jujube Buzhong Yiqi, Yangxue Anshen, and wolfberry nourishing liver and kidney, Yanggan Mingmu. So jujube and wolfberry brewing together, blood and Qi effect will be very significant. Brewing method: red jujube 6, wolfberry 10, rinse with water, and then put in the cup for 5 minutes, you can drink, when finished, you can eat the jujube and wolfberry.

3, walnut longan red jujube tea: Walnut brain, can treat neurasthenia, can also Buqi Yangxue. Longan is suitable for deficiency of both heart and spleen and deficiency of both qi and blood. Jujube has the effect of tonifying both qi and blood, so brewing together can tonify heart and spleen and Qi and blood. Brewing method: take out one walnut, three longan and three red jujube, and then brew them together for about 3 minutes.

after reading this article, I think we all know several kinds of tea drinks that can play a role in health preservation and Qi replenishment. In this way, when necessary, we can brew according to the method provided by Xiaobian, and insist on drinking some every day. However, it should be noted that we must avoid drinking too much tea and not drink too much before going to bed.

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