What are the advantages and disadvantages of eating oranges?

disadvantages of often eating oranges

now is the season for a large number of oranges to appear on the market. The sweet and sour taste, rich nutrition and attractive color of oranges have aroused people’s desire to buy. So, do you know the advantages and disadvantages of eating oranges? The healthy diet column answers for you.

sweet and sour oranges are rich in vitamin C. people often eat oranges to soften blood vessels, reduce cholesterol, stimulate digestion, and help the liver to eliminate toxins.

as the saying goes, no one is perfect. This orange is the same. So, what problems should we pay attention to when eating oranges?

1. If you eat too much orange, you will get angry and get yellow all over.

2. Eating too many oranges can not only damage teeth and oral cavity, but also easily lead to kidney stones and urinary stones.

3. Pay attention not to eat oranges with empty stomach, otherwise oranges will cause irritation to gastric mucosa and cause discomfort.

4. Some elderly people, especially those with weak constitution, should not eat more oranges to prevent abdominal, waist and leg pain.

the benefits of often eating orange

① cough:

orange leaves (with honey on the back, baked over fire), fried in water(《 (2) treatment of lung carbuncle:

green orange leaves (wash), mash juice, take it in a cup, spit out pus and blood(《 (3) treatment of typhoid chest and diaphragm fullness:

orange leaf mashing and face ironing(《 (4) hernia:

ten orange cotyledons and five litchi seeds (baked). Take it in water(《 Treatment of edema:

a big grasp of fresh orange leaves. Fried sweet wine clothes(《 The secret recipe of Guiyang city is (

) 6. It is used to treat Qitong and Qizhang:

orange leaves are mashed, fried and taken(《 Chongqing herbal medicine)

7 killing Ascaris lumbricoides, pinworm:

fresh orange leaves boiled in water(《 Chongqing herbal medicine,

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