What are the advantages of drinking tea

tea drinking culture has been popular in China since ancient times. Flowers have a very long history in China, and even can be traced back to the Qin Dynasty. There are many kinds of tea, and there are many advantages of drinking tea. It can not only refresh people’s mind, but also help to relieve alcohol and tobacco poison, Let’s have a concrete understanding of what benefits tea will bring to people.

although there are countless friends in China who like to drink tea, most people can’t tell why when they ask about the benefits of drinking tea. Then, what benefits can drinking tea bring us? Now, the experts will introduce the benefits of drinking tea.

tea drinking culture comes from a traditional habit in ancient China. Besides water, tea is the second largest drink in the world. Tea drinking has a long history. Through archaeology and literature, tea drinking records and cultural relics were unearthed in the Qin Dynasty. There are also many kinds of tea, which will not be described here. And drinking tea has become a kind of culture spread all over the world. Today, let’s talk about the benefits of drinking tea. The benefits of drinking tea. Whenever tired, drink a cup of tea will often cheer up. This is because the tea and tea tannin contained in tea can excite the central nervous system, promote the body’s metabolism, speed up blood circulation, so as to eliminate body fatigue.

2. Strong tea can relieve alcohol. The tea element and tannin in tea can relieve alcohol toxicity, enhance the contractility of blood vessel wall, restore the tension of human tissue, and mix alcohol toxicity into urine.

3. Tea can also detoxify tobacco. Tea is the ingredient in the general quitting sugar on the market now. This is because some substances in tea can precipitate nicotine, which is excreted from the body with the excretion of urine.

4, tea can lose weight, moisturize the skin. Caffeine, folic acid, inositol and other substances in tea can enhance gastric juice secretion, regulate fat metabolism, and reduce blood lipid and cholesterol. Therefore, in view of the advantages of tea, there are more and more kinds of tea drinks on the market.

5. Drinking tea can prevent and cure dental caries. In daily life, especially children, because of the fermentation of food residue left in the mouth, acid substances will be produced to erode the enamel, making the teeth form cavities and cavities. Tea contains fluorine. Fluorine can combine with calcification in teeth to form a kind of “fluoapatite” which is difficult to dissolve in acid. This is equivalent to adding a protective layer to teeth, so as to protect teeth and prevent tooth decay.

from the introduction of the above experts, we can see that there are many benefits of drinking tea, which can play a health care effect, but we should pay attention to the tea not to brew too thick, and do not put too long, in addition, we should not drink tea before meals or bedtime. Drinking tea before meals is easy to stimulate the stomach, and drinking tea before bedtime is easy to affect sleep.

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