What are the advantages of eating carrot raw

what are the advantages of eating carrot raw

carrot is rich in nutrients, it contains vitamins, calcium, iron, carotene and other nutrients, and if you eat carrot raw, its vitamins will not be damaged, help to absorb nutrients, And at the same time eat raw carrots, taste sweet. However, not all people can eat carrots raw. For example, some people with poor stomach or intestines should not eat carrots raw, so as not to aggravate the disease.

in addition, you should also pay attention to that if you eat carrots raw, you’d better clean them. They belong to rhizome food and are buried underground, so you can eat them only after cleaning, which is more conducive to your health.

carrot is a very good food for human health. It has anti-cancer effect, so it is also called anti-cancer vegetable. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, carrots are sweet and flat in nature. They have the functions of strengthening spleen and stomach, invigorating liver and eyesight, clearing away heat and toxin, strengthening yang and tonifying kidney. Therefore, eating carrots often is beneficial to human health. In addition, the vitamins in carrots can stimulate the skin, help to promote its metabolism, and also improve the blood circulation. Therefore, eating carrots often is good for the skin.

what to pay attention to when eating raw carrots

carrots are a kind of vegetables that can be eaten raw and cooked, but the carotene in carrots is soluble in oil, so if you eat, it’s best to add oil and cold, the best way to eat is to cook with meat directly, so that its carotene can be absorbed by the human body.

because the main nutrient in carrot is beta- Carotene, which mainly exists in the cell wall of carrots, is composed of cellulose, which can not be directly digested by the human body. Only by chopping, cooking and chewing, can the cell wall be broken- Carotene can be released and absorbed by human body. But raw carrot can’t destroy cell wall, so nutrition can’t be absorbed directly.

experiments show that if the pressure cooker is used in cooking, the contact between carrots and air will be reduced- The storage rate of carotene can be as high as 97%. The experiment also shows that & beta- The digestibility of carotene in the body is closely related to the amount of oil used in cooking- The digestion and absorption rate of carotene in vivo can reach 90%.

if you eat carrots raw, they taste very sweet and can be eaten as fruit. Try not to eat carrots raw, especially for people with gastrointestinal diseases. Raw carrots can not absorb all of its nutrients, in fact, it is a waste.

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