What are the advantages of eating coarse grains?

What are the advantages of eating coarse grains?

what are the benefits of eating coarse grains?

1, coarse cereals help to control blood sugar. Replacing coarse cereals with coarse grains helps diabetic patients to control blood sugar. However, the ability of these foods to maintain postprandial blood glucose is also different. For example, oats, buckwheat, barley, red rice, black rice, red bean and lentil can significantly relieve the postprandial hyperglycemia state of diabetic patients, reduce blood sugar fluctuation within 24 hours, reduce fasting blood glucose, reduce insulin secretion, and are beneficial to glycemic control of diabetics.

2. Coarse grains need to be chewed better to protect teeth. Dental experts believe that teeth can also & lt; Use in, waste out & quot;. Chewing often can promote the firmness of teeth. If you always eat too soft and refined food and never chew hard, the quality of permanent teeth will be affected. Eating more coarse but not hard whole grains and beans is a great opportunity for our teeth to exercise.

3, coarse grains also have the effect of reducing weight, just like corn, which also contains a lot of magnesium. Magnesium can strengthen the intestinal wall peristalsis and promote the excretion of body waste, which is very beneficial for reducing weight. When the corn is mature, the tassel corn whisker has diuretic effect and is also beneficial to weight loss. We can make corn soup as tea, and we can also make corn cakes and tortillas. The expanded popcorn has a large volume, which can eliminate people’s hunger after eating, but its caloric content is very low, so it is a green food to lose weight.

4 and coarse cereals can improve cardiovascular function. Such as soybeans. It has been proved that soybean and its products have special effects on cardiovascular system. Regular consumption of soybean food can effectively reduce serum cholesterol and help relieve the damage of arterial wall. Some scholars have found that vinegar soaked soybeans can be used to treat hypertension and obesity. Because the saponin in soybean can eliminate the fat attached to the blood vessel wall and reduce the cholesterol content in the blood. In addition, sweet potato can promote the excretion of cholesterol, maintain arterial elasticity, prevent arteriosclerosis, and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension.

how to eat coarse grains?

time of eating coarse grain: not only is the amount of coarse grain food fastidious, but the time of eating is also regulated.

expert tips: coarse grain is best eaten at dinner. Because the human body can make better use of dietary fiber in coarse grains to eliminate garbage in the body and reduce blood lipid.

experts tell us that dietary fiber in coarse grains can stimulate the peristalsis of intestinal wall, so that the stool can be quickly discharged from the body, so eating dietary fiber at night can better help us defecate in the next morning, which reduces the toxicity of toxin to intestinal wall. In addition, eating coarse grains is easy to produce a sense of satiety, so eating at night can reduce the amount of food, so as to avoid eating too much at night, which is harmful to the body.

when eating coarse grains, we should drink more water: when eating coarse grains, we should not only pay attention to the amount and time of eating, but also pay attention to the collocation. In addition to pay attention to the principle of thick and thin collocation, but also pay attention to drink more water when eating coarse grain.

expert tips: because the dietary fiber in coarse grains needs sufficient water to support, it can ensure the normal work of the intestinal tract.

so when you eat coarse grains, you should not eat some boiled water or boil some porridge to match, which can help excretion.

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