What are the advantages of eating organic food

what are the advantages of eating organic food

in the busy life, people begin to pay more and more attention to the improvement of life quality, and also pay more attention to health and regimen. And organic food, just in line with the needs of modern people. There are many advantages of eating organic food:

1. Avoid the outbreak of diseases like avian influenza. The intensive animal feeding mode makes it easy for diseases to spread. The open animal feeding mode required by organic agriculture can make animals have space to stretch, enhance their resistance and reduce the chance of disease spreading.

2. Organic agriculture advocates maintaining the natural ingredients of products, so as to maintain the original taste of food.

3. The production process does not contain genetically modified components. Under the concept of organic production, no genetically modified organisms and their derivatives can be used in all production and processing processes.

4. It contains less chemical substances. Under the concept of organic production, all production and processing processes are only allowed to use chemical substances under limited conditions.

5. To protect soil, soil degradation and pollution are becoming more and more serious. As the basic element of food production, soil must be protected. The soil protection measures required by organic ecological agriculture are to restore and maintain the vitality of the soil, so that the soil can continue to provide enough and high-quality food for human beings.

6. Encourage the environment and ecology, use natural materials, apply proper fertilizer and irrigation, reduce the waste of resources, and improve the biodiversity in and around the farm.

what organic food should babies eat

1, fruits and vegetables

the developing organs of children are very fragile in the face of chemical pesticides, so organic agricultural and sideline products are wise choices, at least some fruits and vegetables should choose organic products.

2, infant formula and milk

if you want to avoid the absorption of antibiotics and growth hormone into dairy cows, you can choose organic infant formula. Organic milk powder has two advantages: first, it is 100% natural and has no additives. Organic milk powder does not contain any chemical substances, pesticides and additives. This is because it needs to meet the strict requirements of various national organic certification standards for the whole process of production, processing and sales. Organic dairy cows grow up in a natural environment without pollution. Milk powder is natural and pure without any artificial hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified substances, chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Second, it is rich in natural nutrients; The growth process of organic dairy cows is in line with the laws of biological nature. The milk produced by organic dairy cows is rich in natural nutrients such as iron, minerals and vitamins.

3, grains, flour and snacks

are different from fruits and vegetables, grains are not easy to accumulate pesticide residues. And like white flour and rice, in the process of processing will first remove the shell, it is more difficult to have pesticide residues. As for organic biscuits or other snacks, for babies, they are no healthier than conventional foods. So can rest assured to buy conventional food, if you can do with coarse and fine grains is better, so that the baby can get more fiber and vitamins.

4, meat

, organic meat without antibiotics and growth hormone, is one of the most popular organic food. But it’s expensive, so you have to choose according to your own economic situation.

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