What are the advantages of Ophiopogon japonicus tea? Drink Ophiopogon japonicus tea

with dry throat What are the advantages of Ophiopogon japonicus tea? Throat is dry, drink Mai Dong tea

drink Mai Dong tea to have what advantage? Once you feel your throat is dry and your mouth is dry, you can’t be thirsty just by drinking water. You need a little herbal tea to help you. Here’s an example of Ophiopogon tea.

Ophiopogon japonicus is one of the most commonly used traditional Chinese medicines for nourishing yin. When making tea, 3 & mdash; 5 Ophiopogon japonicus, first with a small amount of warm water for two or three minutes, wash away impurities; Then change to 200 & mdash; 300 ml boiling water covered with 15 & mdash; 20 minutes, then drink tea frequently. Long bubble of Ophiopogon japonicus will become white fat, translucent appearance is very lovely.

after a day, you can chew it and swallow it. Ophiopogon japonicus tastes bitter, but it will be sweet after chewing. If you don’t like the taste, you can add some rock sugar or honey when brewing Ophiopogon japonicus. In terms of traditional Chinese medicine, honey is more effective in nourishing Yin, moistening lung and defecating. It is suitable for people with dry skin and constipation; Rock sugar is more effective in reducing fire and dryness. It is suitable for upset and irritable friends. If you drink a lot of water but still urinate yellow, you can add a small amount of lotus seed heart to Ophiopogon japonicus tea, which has the effect of clearing heart and removing trouble.

it should be noted that Ophiopogon japonicus is cold in nature, cold in stomach, cough and phlegm or easy to catch cold and diarrhea, so it is not suitable for drinking this tea.

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