What are the anti radiation foods?

now our living environment is basically full of radiation all the time. Whether it comes from computers, mobile phones or microwave ovens, the radiation intensity is very high. In order to reduce the harm of radiation to our body as much as possible, we should eat more food that can play a role in radiation protection. What kind of food can meet the requirements? Let’s take a look at the story of Xiaobian.

1, green tea – reduce the adverse effects of radiation on human body. Tea polyphenols in green tea are anti radiation substances, which can reduce the adverse effects of various kinds of radiation on human body. Tea also contains lipopolysaccharide, can improve the body’s hematopoietic function, increase platelets and white blood cells.

2, kelp – with anti radiation effect. The latest research found that kelp polysaccharide has anti radiation effect because it inhibits the apoptosis of immune cells.

3, garlic – reduce radiation damage. Garlic is a very good food for health, but also an indispensable seasoning food in our cooking process. It’s very good for us to eat garlic in an appropriate amount, because garlic is rich in selenium and has excellent antioxidant function. So even if you don’t like garlic very much, eat it occasionally.

4, mung beans – help excrete toxins in the body. Folk known as “mung bean soup detoxification” said. Modern medical research has proved that mung bean contains substances to help excrete poisons in the body and accelerate metabolism, which can effectively resist all kinds of pollution, including electromagnetic pollution.

5, Auricularia auricula – stomach clearing, bowel cleansing, anti radiation. The colloid in Auricularia auricula can absorb the dust, impurities and radioactive substances remaining in the human digestive system and discharge them out of the body, so as to clear the stomach, clean the intestines and prevent radiation.

here, Xiaobian has introduced five kinds of anti radiation food, and each one is very common in life, which is convenient for everyone to buy, make and eat. However, it should be noted that the effect of food is limited. Therefore, we should not think that everything will be OK after eating, and it is better to avoid exposure to radiation products.

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