What are the antidotes before drinking?

almost everyone knows that drinking is harmful to our health. However, all kinds of social activities in modern society allow us to accompany with all kinds of alcohol. If we can have some preventive measures in advance and prevent them afterwards, there are many foods that can play a role in relieving alcohol. That will make us invincible on the table. But also can maintain good health, the following, these methods, people who drink to keep in mind, in order to avoid the phenomenon of drunkenness.

method / step

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a, vitamin C and B are taken within half an hour before drinking. VB and VC have the function of digesting and decomposing alcohol. You can do an experiment by yourself. Add an appropriate amount of VC or VB into a glass of beer, and compare it with the beer without VC and VB. You can find that the alcohol concentration decreases significantly´╝ł Taking 6-10 VC tablets orally before drinking can prevent alcoholism. Vitamin B complex is also effective. Take 10 tablets in advance.)

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b, milk or yogurt (high-quality protein fens can also be used), take half an hour before the wine, milk or yogurt on the stomach wall to form a protective film, reduce alcohol into the blood to reach the liver.

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c. Frequent drinking can accelerate the decomposition of alcohol, relieve headache and nausea, and protect liver cells from damage.

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d, high concentration dietary cellulose tablets, take half an hour before wine (need to drink plenty of boiled water after taking), the effect of cellulose in water after rapid expansion, release a large number of cations, can wrap up the alcohol, do not enter the digestive cycle directly out of the body, reduce the harm of alcohol to the liver and body.

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e, eat a few oranges.

eating before drinking is not easy to get drunk. The above has taught you some methods. In fact, drinking is not a good hobby. It’s better to drink less. The main reason for the amount of alcohol is the detoxification ability of the liver. Exercise has a certain effect, but it’s not the main reason. There are also some genetic factors, inherited is the liver detoxification function. It’s better to politely refuse or feel unwell when you meet a social intercourse that can’t be pushed. Long term drinking can cause liver damage, fatty liver and so on. Heavy drinking may cause sudden death.

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