What are the benefits of drinking plenty of water to your body

what are the benefits of drinking plenty of water to your body

1, a glass of cold white with color spots

many people have heard that drinking a glass of water in the morning is good for your body. Some people drink salt water, some people drink honey water, and others drink lemonade for whitening. What’s the best water to drink? After a night’s metabolism, the garbage in the body needs a strong external effect to help excrete. It’s the best to open without any sugar and nutrients! If it’s sugar water or water with nutrients, it will take time to transform in the body, and it can’t wash our body quickly. Therefore, a cup of clear boiled water in the morning is a good way to detoxify.

2, heart disease, a glass of life-saving water before going to bed

if you have a bad heart, you can develop the habit of drinking a glass of water before going to bed, which can prevent diseases that easily occur in the early morning, such as angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, myocardial infarction and other diseases are caused by high blood viscosity. When people sleep, due to sweating, the body’s water loss, resulting in the reduction of water in the blood, blood viscosity will become very high. However, if you drink a glass of water before going to bed, it can reduce the blood viscosity and reduce the risk of heart attack. So a glass of water before going to bed is a cup of life-saving water.

3, porridge for stomachache & lt; Water conservation;

people who have stomach disease or feel sick can take porridge; Water conservation; measures. The temperature of cooking porridge should be over 60 ℃. This temperature will produce a gelatinization effect. The soft, tender and hot porridge will melt at the mouth, and it is very easy to digest after eating. It is very suitable for people with gastrointestinal discomfort. Porridge contains a lot of water, but also effectively lubricate the intestine, clean up the stomach of harmful substances, and smoothly take them out of the body.

4, cold to drink more water than usual

every time a cold, you will hear the doctor say, drink more water ah. Because when we have a cold, our body will sweat a lot, our breath will become shortness, and our skin will evaporate a lot of water. At this time, we need to add enough water. At the same time, our body will be thirsty. So drink more water at this time, not only can make sweat and urine excretion, but also can play the role of regulating body temperature, so that the virus in the body can be excreted.

5, nausea induced by saline

, nausea is very complex. Sometimes it’s a protective reaction to eating bad food. In this case, don’t be afraid to vomit, because spitting out dirty things can make your body feel much more comfortable. If you feel particularly difficult to spit out, you can use light salt water to induce vomiting, prepare a cup of light salt water on hand, drink a few mouthfuls, to promote the dirt spit out. After vomit clean, can gargle with brine, have simple antiphlogistic effect. In addition, the treatment of dehydration after severe vomiting, light saline is also a good supplement, can alleviate the weak state of patients.

6 There are two causes of constipation: one is the body has a long stool, lack of water, and the other is the intestines and other organs have no excretion. The former needs to find out the cause of disease and drink more water everyday. The latter needs to drink big mouthfuls of water, swallowing faster, so that water can reach the colon as soon as possible, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, promote defecation. Remember, don’t drink small mouthfuls, as the water flow is slow, the water is easy to be absorbed in the stomach, resulting in urination.

five misunderstandings of drinking water: don’t make

mistake 1: don’t drink water before meals

do you need to replenish water before meals? Doesn’t that dilute gastric juice and affect digestion? Western food has the steps of appetizer before meal. The reason is to use soup to stimulate appetite, lubricate esophagus and prepare for meals. In that case, it has the same meaning to replenish water before meals. Before entering solid food, drink half a cup (about 100 ml), which can be room temperature fruit juice, yogurt, warm rock sugar chrysanthemum water or light tea, or a small bowl of thick appetizer soup. It is a good way to nourish the stomach.

error 2: every morning to replenish water

thin, white, cold constitution of the people, the morning is not suitable for drinking milk below body temperature, juice or cold water, can be replaced by warm soup, porridge. Fresh juice is not suitable for empty stomach in the morning, even in summer, it should be drunk with breakfast. In the morning, don’t add water and salt. Thick broth and salty wonton soup are not suitable for the morning, which will only aggravate the body’s hunger and thirst in the morning.

error 3: the more water you drink, the better for your body and skin

it is normal to replenish 1000-2000 ml of water every day, but if you consciously or unconsciously drink a lot of water, there will be problems. First of all, it means that your body may be dehydrated, exposed to high temperature, sweating a lot or eating a lot of salt may cause this situation, so it is necessary to replenish water; Secondly, if there is hyperglycemia, pituitary or renal dysfunction; Or have a fever or other infectious diseases. Or have urinary tract inflammation, or even a hyperuricemic patient, that can also take the initiative to drink a lot of water. It’s unnecessary for a healthy person to drink more than 2000 ml / day without feeling thirsty. It’s just testing his kidney function again and again.

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