What are the benefits of drinking tea in spring? When is not a good time to drink tea?

What are the benefits of drinking tea in spring? When is not a good time to drink tea?

what are the benefits of drinking tea in spring?

benefits 1: nourishing the liver, protecting the liver, reducing liver fire. Drinking more tea in spring can make people calm down, remove liver fire, regulate liver function, and achieve the effect of nourishing and protecting liver.

benefits 2: refreshing, relieve spring sleepiness

in early spring, everything recovers, but most people always feel tired and sleepy, this is the typical performance of spring sleepiness. At this time, you can drink more scented tea or green tea, which is sweet and cool, and has fragrance, and can relieve spring sleepiness. Green tea, in particular, has the effect of refreshing and refreshing. The third advantage is to use Qi to expel cold. Spring is the transitional season from winter to summer. It is inevitable that people accumulate cold in their bodies, which affects their health. At this time, drink more tea, help to drive away the cold in the body. Moreover, drinking tea, especially some tea with heavy tea flavor, can effectively promote the walking of Qi and blood in the body. In addition, deep breathing conditioning can maintain the body function.

when is not suitable for tea? Many people are used to drinking a cup of tea after getting up early to refresh themselves. However, this practice can easily lead to & lt; Tea drinking & quot; Phenomenon, that is, people will appear dizziness, hand and foot weakness, panic or trance symptoms. This is because tea contains caffeine and other alkaloids. When people drink tea on an empty stomach, they will absorb too much caffeine in their intestines, resulting in hyperactivity; Tea drinking & quot;.

in addition, especially for the elderly, it is not suitable to drink tea on an empty stomach. Because the intestines and stomach of the elderly are more fragile, excessive tannic acid inhalation when drinking tea on an empty stomach will seriously stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa, damage gastrointestinal health, and even cause constipation or indigestion and other diseases.

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tea before going to bed contain theophylline, caffeine and other components, which have obvious excitatory effect on human central nervous system. If people drink tea before going to bed, it will cause people to be in a state of excitement for a long time, cause people to be unable to sleep, affect the quality of sleep, and even cause insomnia. In addition, tea has diuretic effect, drinking tea before going to bed will cause frequent urination at night, urgency, and ultimately reduce the quality of sleep.


when taking medicine, I often heard that you can’t drink tea when taking medicine, otherwise there will be the phenomenon of antidote. This is because tea contains theophylline, tea polyphenols and other substances. According to the different types of tea, the amount of tea, the concentration of tea soup and so on, theophylline will interact with a variety of drugs and affect the efficacy. Therefore, it is best to take the medicine with boiled water.

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