What are the benefits of drinking water?

in water What are the benefits of drinking water? What are the benefits of drinking water?

1, improve energy

if you feel very tired and feel drained, it is likely to be caused by dehydration, you should supplement water in time. Drinking enough water can make the heart pump blood more effectively. And water in the body helps the blood deliver oxygen and other nutrients that cells need.

2, keep fit

water can speed up metabolism and make people feel full. Therefore, instead of high calorie drinks, drinking a glass before meals can make you feel fuller. And drink more water can make metabolism more vigorous, especially drink cold water, because the body needs to heat the water, this process will consume a certain amount of heat.

3, strengthen muscle

drinking water can prevent muscle cramps and lubricate the body joints. If there is enough water in the body, the intensity of exercise can be greater, the time can be longer, and the limit can be felt later, which also helps to build a strong body.

4, relieving stress

70% ~ 80% of human brain tissue is composed of water. If you’re dehydrated, the body and brain feel stressed. Once you feel thirsty, there is a certain degree of dehydration. Therefore, in order to relieve the pressure caused by dehydration, you can put a glass of water on your desk or carry a sports kettle to replenish water at any time.

5, nourish the skin

once dehydrated, the fine wrinkles and texture on the skin will become deeper. Water is a natural beauty cream. Drinking water can replenish water for skin cells, make them fuller and make people look younger. Moreover, the moisture can remove the dirt on the skin, improve the blood circulation, and make the skin radiant.

, water with these foods more healthy

1, honey

, honey is a common tonic in our life, taste sweet, and rich in nutrition, the ancients often advocated & lt; Salt in the morning and honey in the evening;, This is also a long-standing way of health preservation. It’s very effective to eat honey at night. Add a spoonful of honey into the water, and the honey water is not only very delicious, but also more importantly, the nutrition of honey is dissolved in water, so that the nutrition of honey water can be fully absorbed by the human body.

drinking honey water at night has a very good health effect. Many people often have insomnia at night and can’t fall asleep at normal time. Drinking a cup of honey water before going to bed can effectively regulate blood pressure, keep the body’s blood pressure at a normal level, and achieve the effect of calming the nerves and nourishing the heart. In this way, they can sleep until dawn without worrying about waking up at night.

2, table salt

table salt is an essential seasoning in our life. No matter what kind of food we make, if we don’t put salt, the taste will be greatly affected. Table salt is not only used for cooking, but the light salt water made by adding some table salt into the water is very helpful to our health.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that salt has a good ability of sterilization and disinfection. After getting up in the morning, drinking a cup of light salt water can effectively remove the bacteria in the oral cavity and protect oral health. It can also promote intestinal peristalsis, make defecation smooth, effectively remove stool and excrete intestinal toxins, so as to protect the body from being injured by toxins.

3, balsam pear

, balsam pear this kind of food material we will not be unfamiliar, because its taste is bitter, often makes many people shy away, but have to say, balsam pear is very helpful to our health, balsam pear slice soak in water to drink, its health effect is very excellent.

balsam pear is rich in vitamin C, so drinking balsam pear water can effectively help the body to supplement vitamin C, can effectively enhance the body’s resistance, let the body from the invasion of disease, and has a very good heat detoxification effect, protect the health of body organs, no matter what season drinking balsam pear water, has a very good detoxification effect.

4, lemon

we all know that lemon is a high-quality natural antioxidant. The production method of lemonade is as simple as that of cucumber water. Just cut one or two pieces and soak them in water for a few hours before drinking.

5, wolfberry

wolfberry is a common Chinese medicine, many people like to dry chew wolfberry, because wolfberry has a light sweet taste, plus rich nutrition, so many people like to chew a few wolfberry in their spare time. If you drink medlar in water, the effect is better than dry chewing. Lycium barbarum polysaccharide has a good protective effect on liver, can reduce serum alanine aminotransferase, promote the repair of liver injury, so that the normal operation of liver function.

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