What are the benefits of eating grape skin?

what are the benefits of eating grape skin?

grape skin can be eaten. People eat grapes, often in addition to seedless grapes is even skin to eat, in eating other grapes, have to spit out the skin, because the grape skin has astringency. But from a nutritional point of view, eat grapes do not spit.

according to modern medicine, resveratrol, an antioxidant, is found in grape skin and grape seed, which can prevent and treat skin cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In addition, the natural pigment in grape skin has a good effect on reducing blood sugar and anti-cancer, while the natural pigment content in dark (purple, red) grape skin is higher than that in light (green, white) grape skin, and the peeled grape will lose a lot of functions, so & lt; Eat grapes without spitting their skins; There are scientific reasons.

1, another important substance in grape skin & mdash& mdash; Tannin has the effects of anti allergy, anti-aging, enhancing immunity and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

2, grape skin is rich in a kind of multi hydroxy phenolic compounds & mdash& mdash; Resveratrol has the functions of lowering blood lipid, antithrombotic, preventing arteriosclerosis and enhancing immunity.

3. Grape skin also has anti-cancer effect. Researchers from Illinois Pharmaceutical University found that this substance exists in more than 70 kinds of plants, such as peanuts and grapes, especially in grape skin and red wine.

4, anthocyanins contained in grape skin, with strong antioxidant, anti mutation, reduce liver dysfunction, protect cardiovascular and other functions.

5 and natural pigment in grape skin have good effect on reducing blood sugar and anti-cancer, while the content of natural pigment in dark grape skin is higher.

how to eat grape skin

most of the grapes on the market have the problem of pesticide residues, so we must clean the grape skin before eating. It’s better to wash with water first, and use cleaning products that can effectively remove pesticide ingredients, and wash for more than two minutes. However, it is not suitable to soak in water or salt water, because soaking in water can easily promote the penetration of residual pesticides on the surface of grapes into the flesh. Recently, American experts found that grape skin contains highly effective anti-cancer substances, and they reminded everyone that & lt; Eat grapes without spitting their skins;.

researchers extracted hundreds of natural compounds from plants for human consumption, and they conducted repeated experiments on these compounds, and finally found and determined the highly effective anti-cancer effect of this substance. They administered the substance to mice with skin cancer for 18 weeks, and then compared it with mice with skin cancer but not fed the food. They found that mice fed the substance had 68% – 98% fewer cancer cells. Generally speaking, the occurrence of cancer can be roughly divided into three stages: first, the DNA of normal cells is damaged and the genetic factors of cancer are awakened; Second, cell division is accelerated and carcinogenesis is involved; Third, the tumor worsened and began to metastasize. Experts say that this substance has a high inhibitory effect on three stages of cancer. This substance exists in more than 70 kinds of plants, especially in grape skin and red wine. This substance has no toxic and side effects on human body, and can be developed as an excellent natural cancer preventive drug.

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