What are the benefits of eating Laba porridge?

What are the benefits of eating Laba porridge?

what are the benefits of eating Laba porridge?

1, diversification of staple food

on weekdays, people’s staple food is generally just a bowl of white rice, a white steamed bread, change a pattern, that is, steamed buns, dumplings, rolls, pancakes, rice cakes, rice noodles and so on, but the change is inseparable from its origin, to say, it is also refined white rice and refined white flour, low nutritional value, raw materials are extremely monotonous. Laba porridge is different. There are at least seven or eight kinds of raw materials in a bowl of porridge, and some even up to twenty or thirty kinds. All kinds of coarse grains, beans, nuts, seeds, dried fruits can be added into porridge. Experts pointed out that this degree of diversity is incomparable to the general staple food, and it is convenient to do, and can be done with a pressure cooker.

2, can control weight

Laba porridge has thick texture, not as thin as rice porridge, can be drunk without chewing. Yilinfen said that eating Laba porridge requires chewing, which will bring a signal of satiety to the brain. In addition, compared with rice, white steamed bread, its energy is only a fraction, so it is very suitable for weight loss as a staple food. In fact, yilinfen thinks that a good health preserving and nutritious food like Laba porridge should not only appear on Laba day, but should often be on the table to make more contributions to our health!

3, good for health

when it comes to coarse grains and beans, many people have a deep fear of difficulties. They always feel that they are hard to chew and digest. But in fact, as long as the right match, a good grasp of the cooking time, rich in coarse grains and beans Laba porridge, is the most conducive to health. The content of vitamins and minerals in Laba porridge is several to ten times higher than that of refined white rice, and it is rich in a variety of dietary fiber and antioxidant components, which can not only strengthen the body, beauty and beauty, but also effectively control blood sugar and blood lipid. The method of Laba porridge is

1. The general cooking method of Laba porridge is to first select and wash the barley rice, red beans, mung beans, cowpeas and other beans, and then add white rice, millet, yellow rice, glutinous rice and so on after they are half cooked. It’s best to soak the hard boiled beans in advance.

2. The water needs to be fully added at one time. When cooking porridge, first use the high fire, and so on the rice is about to bloom, use the slow fire to cook. Cook while stirring, be careful not to paste the pot.

3. After porridge is cooked, add sugar when eating.

congee with nuts and dried fruits, it is best for diabetics. Laba is also the coldest time in winter. Drinking Laba porridge at this time can not only dispel the cold and nourish the stomach, but also supplement a variety of nutrients that our body needs.

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