What are the benefits of eating taro? Taro can invigorate the spleen and digest

What are the benefits of eating taro? What are the benefits of eating taro?

taro, also known as taro and Tuzhi, is a common food for both food and vegetable. In ancient China, when the rice harvest was poor and famine occurred, the government used taro instead of food to relieve the victims, because taro not only had strong adaptability, but also had a high yield.

taro can not only be used as food, but also as medicine. Tao Hongjing pointed out taro in his famous doctor’s records; Xin, Ping, toxic & quot;, And it is considered that it has & quot; Broaden the stomach, fill the skin, smooth & quot; The efficacy of health education《 Taro in Materia Medica of Southern Yunnan; It tastes sweet and numb;. That taro toxic, refers to raw will have a weak toxicity, cooked taro is not toxic《 Taro in food materia medica; It can cure feverish heat, quench thirst, make people fat and white, appetizer and close intestines;, It can be seen that taro can not only open the spleen and strengthen the stomach, but also make people’s gastrointestinal patency and skin whitening.

people with bad stomachs should eat more taro, which can strengthen the spleen, promote digestion and absorption, and enhance human nutrition. Because taro into the spleen and stomach, can tonify the spleen soil, enhance the digestive function of the spleen and stomach. The spleen is the carrier of the acquired nutrition of the human body; The day after tomorrow;. First of all, if the spleen generates blood and the spleen and stomach are strong, the body’s Qi and blood will be sufficient and healthy; Secondly, the spleen governs the clearing and the stomach governs the turbid. If the spleen and stomach are weak, it will cause the spleen not clearing and the stomach not descending turbid. People will be dizzy, and lose appetite and constipation. Taro can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, increase the volume of stool, make people defecate unobstructed and get rid of constipation; Finally, the spleen dominates the meat, and the spleen and stomach are weak. Most people are yellow and thin. If they eat more taro, their digestion and absorption function will be enhanced; It’s fat and white;.

in addition to eating, external application of taro can also be beneficial to health. Taro has the function of disinfection and detumescence. Shen Gua recorded such a story in MengXiBiTan. Liu Tang, a hermit in Wangwushan, saw a bumblebee stuck by a spider’s web at home and couldn’t get away. At this time, the big spider crawled over to have a good meal. Unexpectedly, he wanted to be stung by the Bumblebee, and the spider’s body swelled and was dying. Unexpectedly, the spider scrambled to the taro field outside the house, bit the stem of the taro, and then wiped the bee sting wound on the stem. After a while, the swelling disappeared, and the spider went back and forth; Energetic & quot; It’s too late. This is the earliest record that taro can cure bee sting. In fact, not only the stem of taro, but also the taro itself has the function of disinfection. In the folk, if someone is stung by bees, the most common way is to apply the stem or slice of taro on the affected area, and the effect can be called magical.

taro can not only disinfect, but also break blood stasis. Taro is pungent, pungent has the function of divergence, which is very helpful to dredge blood stasis. When bruises appear in the injured area, taro and ginger can be taken as the same amount. Taro is mashed like mud, ginger is mashed to get juice, and then mixed into taro mud, and then add appropriate amount of flour to make a paste. According to the size of the affected area, apply it to the affected area, and change it once a day. The effect is remarkable. In particular, taro should be peeled, because taro leather has & lt; Convergence& ldquo; Seal & quot; The best way to get rid of blood stasis is to take fresh taro and ginger, which will have a better effect.

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