What are the benefits of eating wolfberry?

What are the benefits of eating wolfberry?

what are the benefits of eating wolfberry?

the real power of Lycium barbarum lies in tonifying the kidney. After eating Lycium barbarum for three months in a row, the renal function will be greatly improved, especially for men. The simplest example of men’s heavy burden on the kidney is that gout is mainly caused by men.

why can gout be cured by eating two wolfberry every day?

according to the fact that gout patients can recover quickly by eating wolfberry, eating wolfberry is to tonify the kidney and protect the liver. If you want to treat gout well, you need to start from these two aspects. Taking medicine to treat gout can also damage the liver and kidney invisibly, so there has been no good medicine to cure gout before, A large number of Chinese wolfberry for gout has changed the idea of gout treatment, but also brought great changes to the concept of traditional Chinese medicine health, which is that people always eat too little Chinese wolfberry in the past, and many effects can not be reflected. If we eat less Chinese wolfberry, it is just a kind of health care, and only eat more can we feel the effect of Chinese wolfberry.

why eat more?

this is the height, weight and physique of modern people are not the same as before, so it is necessary to add a lot. The most obvious feeling after eating is that the diseases caused by kidney, liver and heart will be greatly improved, especially for the patients after operation.

gout is the most obvious disease of renal function decline. Most of the young people are obese. Most of the elderly patients with gout have renal function decline. It can be said that eating wolfberry can make gout patients recover, which is a miracle. We can see how important wolfberry is to the kidney and liver. Kidney is the root, kidney and liver is good, people’s diseases will be greatly reduced, if you eat two wolfberry every day can treat gout is a folk prescription, then normal people eat wolfberry every day will be the secret recipe of longevity.

the way to eat wolfberry is as follows:

gout patients eat two wolfberry every day, 50-80 capsules each time, once in the morning and once in the evening, and it is best to eat before going to bed at night; Normal people eat once a day, 50-80 capsules each time, before going to bed; The principle of eating is not to be inflamed. Most people eat when they are young and eat less when they are young. Use blisters or dry chew to eat, do not cook to eat. When people are over 40, they should start to eat wolfberry. As long as they can eat some wolfberry every day, human diseases will be greatly reduced. This is the secret of why eating wolfberry can lead to longevity.

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