What are the benefits of ginger for men? What kind of people are not suitable for eating ginger

ginger is a product to help Yang, which has been known in traditional Chinese medicine since ancient times; A man cannot live without ginger for a hundred days; The language of. Modern clinical pharmacology research has found that ginger can accelerate human metabolism, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, stimulate human multi-system functions, regulate the function of male prostate, and treat male prostate diseases and sexual dysfunction. Therefore, ginger is often used for male health care.

What are the benefits of eating ginger for men? What kind of people are not suitable for eating ginger

what are the benefits of men eating ginger?

1 and benefits of eating fresh ginger: increase appetite and slow aging

middle-aged and elderly men often suffer from physical weakness due to cold stomach and loss of appetite. They can often take fresh ginger tablets to stimulate gastric juice secretion and promote digestion.

fresh ginger is not as dry as dry ginger. It moisturizes without damaging Yin. Cut four or five slices of fresh ginger every day, drink a cup of warm boiled water in the morning, and then chew the ginger slices slowly in your mouth, so that the smell of ginger can be distributed in your mouth and spread to your intestines, stomach and nostrils.

2 and benefits of eating dried ginger: it can treat impotence due to kidney deficiency

. Dried ginger can warm and disperse cold, strengthen stomach and blood circulation, wolfberry fruit can nourish liver and kidney, benefit essence and eyesight. This medicinal diet can treat impotence, chilly limbs, low back pain, sore waist and knees, fatigue, etc. caused by kidney yang deficiency. However, ginger is a kind of pungent food, which can only be used in case of cold, but it can’t be used too much, so as not to break blood and hurt Yin. If you have symptoms such as sore throat, dry throat and dry stool at the same time, it is recommended not to use ginger to avoid aggravating the symptoms.

take a 500g male carp, 10g dried ginger and 10g medlar respectively. Take the fish in the carp belly (that is, the white jelly like substance in the male belly, the male seminal vesicle gland), fry it with dried ginger and medlar, boil it, add wine, salt and monosodium glutamate to taste. Take it on an empty stomach, once every other day for 5 days.

what kind of people eat ginger best?

I. people with cold constitution

people with cold constitution usually have symptoms such as fear of cold, cold hands and feet, and easy diarrhea after eating cold food. These people are very suitable to eat more ginger because ginger is warm and can be used to drive out the cold.

ginger is warm and hot, and it can also adjust and correct the cold nature of food. For example, when people eat crabs, they often need to match some ginger powder as seasoning. This is because crabs are cold and fishy, while ginger can neutralize the cold nature and eliminate the fishy smell, which can prevent cold injury to the spleen and stomach and avoid indigestion. Similarly, people with chills should often eat some ginger to correct the coldness in their bodies.

in addition, ginger can strengthen Yang, so many male friends especially like to eat ginger. As for the effect, we have to try. It has been true since ancient times & quot; A man cannot live without Ginger & quot; That’s right.

II. people with cold stomach

people with cold stomach are more suitable to eat ginger if they like eating hot drinks, retching water and other symptoms. Especially in summer, people are so cold that they often eat cold drinks and cool fruits, resulting in cold invading the stomach. At this time, drinking ginger sugar water in time will help to expel the wind cold in the body.

in terms of five colors, ginger belongs to yellow food. Yellow belongs to soil. According to the theory of five elements in traditional Chinese medicine, it enters the spleen and stomach and can strengthen the spleen and stomach and help digestion. If the stomach is bad, you can drink an egg with ginger water every morning on an empty stomach, which can not only dissipate the cold in the stomach, but also provide mild nourishment to the intestines and stomach.

ginger can also stop vomiting. In fact, its antiemetic effect is often used in our life. For example, fishermen in coastal areas often chew sugar or salt pickled ginger when they go to sea. People with motion sickness drink some ginger water before taking the bus and contain several pieces of ginger on the way, all in order to suppress the vomiting caused by seasickness and motion sickness.

III. anorexia

as the saying goes: & ldquo; If the rice is not delicious, eat ginger & rdquo;, When the meal is not delicious or the amount of food is reduced, you can eat a few slices of ginger or put a little tender ginger in the dish, which can improve your appetite and increase the amount of food.

ginger can stimulate the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion and eliminate the toxins accumulated in the body. At the same time, ginger can also detoxify, such as poisoning of fish, shrimp and poultry, or eating cassava, wild taro, wild mushroom, Pinellia ternata, Nanxing and other drugs by mistake. Ginger can be used to detoxify. It can be said that ginger is a scavenger of the human body and clean up the dirt in the human body.

ginger can also refresh the mind. Spicy things can open the orifices. When the orifices are opened, the Qi and blood are unblocked, and the natural spirit is light and refreshing. For example, if someone faints from heat stroke in summer, you can fill him with a glass of ginger juice and wake up soon. In addition, you can try ginger juice for fainting and coma due to stroke.

IV. patients with wind cold

ginger is used as dietotherapy in case of cold. If you get caught in the rain or cold outside, you will drink a bowl of hot ginger soup at home and your body will improve. Why can ginger soup resist wind cold and treat wind cold? Ginger has a warm and pungent nature. It can disperse cold and sweat and dredge the Qi mechanism blocked by the invasion of wind evil and cold evil. Therefore, ginger and some brown sugar can be used for wind cold. After a while, a heat flow will flow all over the body, and the wind cold in the body can often be relieved by sweat.

but ginger drink can only be used to treat wind cold cold, and wind heat cold belongs to human body injury to wind heat. If you take ginger warm medicine at this time, it is like adding fuel to the fire.

influenza is generally not treated with ginger, because traditional Chinese medicine believes that influenza needs bitter cold traditional Chinese medicine to clear away plague and detoxify, while ginger does not have the nature of bitter cold.

5 people should not eat ginger:

1 and people with Yin deficiency constitution must not eat ginger.

Yin deficiency is a dry and hot constitution, which is manifested in fever in the heart of hands and feet, sweating in the palm, loving to drink water, often dry mouth, dry eyes, dry nose, dry skin, irritable heart and poor sleep. Ginger is pungent and warm, and people with Yin deficiency will aggravate the symptoms of yin deficiency.

2 and people with severe internal heat should not eat ginger

. People with lung heat and dry cough, stomach heat, vomiting, bad breath, hemorrhoids bleeding, pain and ulcer and other diseases should not eat ginger. If it is a hot disease, when eating ginger, be sure to cooperate with cold drugs to neutralize the heat of ginger.

3 and hepatitis patients should not eat ginger

generally, hepatitis patients should not eat ginger, because often eating ginger will cause liver fire. If you want to restrain the liver fire caused by eating ginger, you can choose some foods that can soothe the liver and regulate Qi at the same time, such as making tea with hawthorn and chrysanthemum, so that you can eliminate the dry heat caused by ginger without hurting your body.

people with hair loss should pay attention to

many people use ginger to treat hair loss. Indeed, ginger is warm and spicy, which can really increase local blood circulation, stimulate hair follicle opening and promote hair regeneration. However, it should be noted that hair loss is a thermal disease. Ginger will produce heat after a long time. Treating thermal diseases with thermal drugs is the same as that of traditional Chinese medicine; Cold medicine for fever & rdquo; The principles are in conflict, so use them as little as possible.

when to eat ginger be careful ?

ancient medical books contain & ldquo; Within a year, autumn does not eat ginger; Don’t eat ginger at night in a day & rdquo; This warning must make sense.

in autumn, the climate is dry, and dry Qi will damage the lungs. At this time, eating spicy and hot things such as ginger will aggravate the dry heat and water loss of the human body, so there will be & ldquo; Young people’s days & rdquo; Hazards of. Then why not eat ginger at night? At night, when Yang Qi converges, the Qi of heaven and earth is closed, and ginger’s warm nature and pungent taste are mainly divergent, which is inconsistent with the laws of nature. It’s like we should sleep at night and work during the day, but some people turn the other way around, which will naturally cause damage to health. Of course, you have to use ginger when you are sick. The key is to master a degree and quantity.

in life, some people like to put ginger in wine, which is actually a misunderstanding. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that eating ginger for a long time and drinking at the same time is easy to form accumulated heat in the body, which will not only cause eye problems, but also aggravate hemorrhoids. However, some ginger can be added when quoting yellow rice wine, because the slight bitterness of yellow rice wine can be adjusted, but pay attention to a small amount.

others often say & ldquo; Rotten ginger doesn’t taste rotten & rdquo;, It is wrong to use rotten ginger as seasoning. The rotten ginger will produce toxic substance safrole, which may induce liver cancer, esophageal cancer and other diseases.

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