What are the benefits of plum vinegar

What are the benefits of eating plum vinegar! Nutritionists point out that plum and vinegar are just & lt; Medicine and food are of the same origin;, It’s both traditional Chinese medicine and food. The combination of the two has many advantages and is widely used. In daily cooking, plum vinegar can be added as appropriate to enhance aroma and flavor, and highlight the salty taste of dishes. Therefore, reducing the amount of salt is very suitable for both hot and cold stir frying.

plum vinegar appetizer help digestion, moderate drink can also whole stomach

in addition, plum vinegar can appetizer, help digestion! Plum vinegar tastes sweet and sour, and has the effect of appetizing, especially for people with poor appetite or taste deterioration, which can promote appetite. Therefore, plum vinegar is very suitable for appetizers or salad.

in addition, plum vinegar can also promote gastric acid secretion and gastrointestinal peristalsis. For people with less gastric acid secretion, you can drink some diluted plum vinegar to help digestion.

so called & lt; Looking for plum to quench thirst;, As long as you think and smell the sour taste of plum, you can induce saliva secretion, which can produce saliva and quench thirst. Saliva also contains digestive enzymes, which can help digestion. In addition, the acidity of plum and its organic acids also have the health effects of bacteriostasis, stomach and intestines.

drink plum vinegar to reduce fat? Control diet is more practical

plum vinegar can alleviate the greasy feeling of diet. Is it helpful to reduce dietary fat and promote lipid metabolism? Nutritionists said that plum vinegar may have an effect on inhibiting fat synthesis and promoting fat decomposition. However, if you don’t have an abstemious diet and still eat and drink heavily, and you want to rely on plum vinegar to quickly digest the accumulated fat in your body, I’m afraid it’s not urgent. On the other hand, many people think that plum vinegar has the effect of relieving greasiness. In fact, when we eat too sweet or greasy food, our appetite will be affected and we can’t eat too much. At this time, if you drink some sour plum vinegar, you may be able to cover up the taste response of the taste buds to the greasy feeling, and become more refreshing, so there is & lt; Remove greasiness & quot; It’s a very good feeling. However, at this time also to avoid eating too much, so as not to eat more calories.

plum vinegar don’t drink on an empty stomach, dilute drinking can reduce the stimulation

remind you that although plum vinegar has many advantages, it’s best not to drink on an empty stomach, so as not to stimulate the secretion of excessive gastric acid and damage the gastric wall. It is suggested to drink it between meals or after meals, which is not easy to stimulate gastrointestinal tract, but also helps digestion. Before drinking plum vinegar, remember to dilute it first to reduce the irritation and damage to throat and teeth.

homemade natural plum vinegar is sweet and healthy.

you can make homemade sweet and sour natural plum vinegar simply at home!

materials: fresh medium rare green plum 600 g, glutinous rice vinegar or sorghum vinegar 600 ml, two sand or rock sugar 600 g (sweetness can be adjusted), wide mouth glass bottle 1.


1, wash the plum, air dry, remove the pedicel, pick out those who are too soft, rotten, broken or bitten by insects.

2. Prepare wide mouth glass bottle, wash and dry first.

3, a layer of green plum and a layer of sugar are slowly stacked in a wide mouth glass bottle, and finally the glutinous rice vinegar is gently poured down along the wall of the bottle to exceed the contents. Then the lid is covered and placed in a cool place, waiting for more than 4-6 months.

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