What are the benefits of proper drinking?

what are the benefits of proper drinking?

1, prevention of diabetes

alcohol can also prevent diabetes, but if excessive body internal organs are harmful, it will lead to alcoholic liver. However, moderate alcohol consumption can stimulate human insulin and prevent diabetes, but the exact amount is not conclusive. We should try carefully!

2, lower body cholesterol

many people think that drinking is to increase body cholesterol, but European and American people like to eat high-fat and protein food, why the risk of coronary heart disease is so low, mainly because they will drink red wine at the same time. Wine has great effect, it can help reduce harmful cholesterol, prevent thrombosis, and reduce the incidence rate of coronary heart disease. There are rules for women and men to drink alcohol every day. For example, women can only drink 100-150ml a day, while men can drink 200-250ml.

3, prevention of gallstones

one of the main components of gallstones is cholesterol. Antioxidants in wine can increase the content of beneficial cholesterol in human body (including gallbladder), reduce harmful cholesterol and prevent gallstones.

4, stimulate intelligence

wine can not only reduce harmful cholesterol, but also expand cerebral blood vessels, effectively prevent Alzheimer’s disease and resist toxic protein.

5, cancer prevention

red wine is a famous anti-cancer wine. Because it contains resveratrol to prevent fat accumulation, but also prevents tumor growth, and has a good inhibitory effect on female breast cancer.

6, weight control

can drinking control weight? Yes, but controlling two drinks for men and one for women can effectively control weight gain. If you drink seven drinks a week, you can also reduce the desire for supper and snacks.

harm of excessive drinking

after drinking, it directly stimulates and damages the digestive system, and can cause oral mucositis, pharyngitis, esophagitis and gastritis, especially adverse effects on gastric mucosa. The higher the degree of alcohol, the more obvious the stimulation. Alcohol is fat soluble, which can destroy the mucosal defense system and make the gastric mucosa vulnerable to gastric acid and bile invasion, and then cause mucosal edema, erosion, even bleeding and necrosis.

chronic alcoholism, in the nervous system performance for memory loss, disorientation, muscle tremor, hallucination and so on. Alcohol is closely related to liver disease. Alcoholic liver disease can be divided into alcoholic fatty liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic liver fibrosis and alcoholic cirrhosis. The latter develops from the former and is more serious than the latter. Foreign data show that drinking 150 g a day can cause alcoholic fatty liver in one year and alcoholic cirrhosis in 16 years.

alcohol also damages the heart and causes arrhythmias. Alcoholism also causes peripheral vasodilation, blood pressure drop, so that the coronary artery blood supply is insufficient, coupled with the emotional excitement of alcoholism, myocardial oxygen consumption increases, it is easy to promote the occurrence of angina pectoris or myocardial infarction for people with coronary heart disease.

alcohol is closely related to cancer. Its metabolite is acetaldehyde, which has been proved to be carcinogenic. Some patients with primary liver cancer are caused by heavy drinking. Liver cancer is known as & lt; The king of cancer;, The treatment was very poor. Excessive drinking can also cause oral cancer, throat cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer and so on.

pregnant women drinking alcohol has a greater impact on the fetus. The infants born to alcoholics pregnant women not only have lower weight than normal, but also have & lt; Fetal alcohol syndrome;, Performance for dysplasia, ugly face, mental retardation, slow reaction, clumsy action. Some have limb and cardiovascular malformations. In addition, alcohol can also cause osteoporosis, optic neuritis, retinitis, vitreous opacity, alcoholic amblyopia and other diseases.

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