What are the benefits of vegetarianism?

what are the benefits of vegetarianism?

1, weight loss

vegetarians are rarely obese, because the same quality of food, vegetarianism has low calories, almost no fat content, in addition to providing the body with the necessary calories, almost no energy storage.

2, protect the stomach

vegetarian nutrition is the most easy to digest and absorb, often eat vegetarian, the body resistance will be enhanced, the stomach can be maintained. It is not easy for the stomach to digest meat, and even a large part of the food is not digested when it enters the large intestine, while the stomach is easier to digest fruits, vegetables and cereals, and is easier to be directly absorbed. And a lot of cellulose in vegetarians can also prevent constipation. Therefore, people who often eat vegetarians usually have better intestines and stomach, moderate weight and few obesity.

3, reduce cholesterol

eating vegetarian can reduce the intake of meat is excessive protein, but also can increase unsaturated oil, improve the intake of cellulose, is very beneficial to the prevention of cardiovascular disease. It can also help reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure and prevent colorectal cancer. According to some health scientists, vegetarians live longer than meat eaters. One of the peoples in Pakistan and the Indians in Mexico live a long life because of vegetarianism. Many monks also live long because they are vegetarian.

5, peace of mind

vegetarian can make us calm down. When people eat animal food, they will eat hormones into their stomachs, which will make us prone to irritability. As a result, most vegetarians are more docile.

6, reduce the risk of cancer

studies have shown that eating meat habits and the incidence of colon cancer is closely related. Vegetarians have high fiber intake, which can promote intestinal peristalsis, help excrete intestinal toxins, and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

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how to ensure the nutrition of vegetarian

vegetarianism alone can not meet the body’s intake demand for nutrients. In the long run, it is easy to suffer from malnutrition, resulting in pale face, fatigue, decreased resistance and other problems. Therefore, it is suggested that vegetarians should match other foods reasonably to supplement the lack of nutrients.

1, eat more coarse grain nuts to supplement iron and zinc

long term vegetarian is easy to lack iron, resulting in anemia, pale face and other conditions. At the same time, vegetarianism can also cause zinc deficiency, affecting the normal development of the body. At this time, you can eat more coarse grains, bean products, nuts and brown sugar, can supplement zinc and iron. For example, you can use whole wheat bread instead of ordinary bread, brown sugar instead of white sugar, and eat more black rice, black sesame, black fungus and other black food.

2. When you are vegetarian, eat more grains and beans to supplement protein

. Because plant protein is incomplete protein, if you are completely vegetarian, you may lack one or several essential amino acids. When you eat cereal and beans together, you can improve the quality of protein. For example, red bean rice and Babao rice are good choices.

3, eat more dairy products when vegetarian, supplement calcium

, calcium is a key element to maintain the normal work of the human body. Vegetarians are often unable to get the necessary calcium supplement from meat because they basically do not drink dairy products. It is suggested that if possible, vegetarians should not exclude dairy products such as milk, and should eat dairy products in an appropriate amount. In addition, regular drinking of soybean milk, eating soybeans, broccoli, calcium fortified juice and grains can all play an important role in supplementing calcium.

4, eat more seafood to supplement vitamin

animal viscera, eggs, milk and other foods are rich in vitamins, but vegetarians will not be able to obtain these necessary vitamins. At this time, edible seaweed, laver, kelp and other food can increase the intake of vitamin B12. At the same time, it’s better to take some multivitamins.

5. It’s better to eat some meat to supplement fat when vegetarians eat

. Vegetarians are tired of greasy food. However, without special circumstances, it’s better to eat some meat properly. In fact, moderate intake of beneficial fats is not only beneficial to health, but also can play a role in cancer prevention.

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