What are the consequences of eating soup and making rice?

What are the consequences of eating soup and making rice?

what are the consequences of eating soup and making rice?

many people in our life especially like to make a little soup in the rice when they eat, which makes it more delicious and also saves the link of drinking soup. In fact, this practice is wrong. It’s easy to cause harm to the stomach if you eat too much soup.

the first step of food intake into the human body is through preliminary digestion& mdash; Chewing, that is, large pieces of food cut into small particles, while salivary glands continue to secrete saliva, under the action of the tongue to make saliva and food fully mixed, at this time salivary amylase in saliva will be broken down into maltose, so that food for further absorption of gastrointestinal tract. However, when eating soup to make rice, due to the effect of soup, people’s chewing times and degree will instinctively decrease, and the food will directly enter the intestinal tract for digestion, while the food itself is not fully softened, which causes indigestion and further damages our digestive tract.

if you often eat this kind of food that is not fully chewed, what will happen?

1. For children, in addition to causing damage to their weak gastrointestinal tract, their chewing function can not be exercised due to insufficient chewing.

2. For people with strong stomach function, it’s not a big problem to eat soup and rice occasionally; But for people with poor gastric function, often eating soup and rice will cause great burden on gastrointestinal function, which will stimulate gastrointestinal mucosa, prone to gastric ulcer or bloating, epigastric pain and other symptoms.

3. Fully chewing food can also make the mouth feel all kinds of taste, which can make the human body secrete enough digestive juice to help digestion. On the contrary, when food goes down with the soup, it will dilute the original digestive juice, which is not conducive to the digestion of food.

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