What are the consequences of not picking out the prick in the flesh? Tips for picking out the prick in the flesh

if the prick is not picked out in time, it is easy to cause skin inflammation and suppuration. If you take out the thorn, it will break the skin and bleed, and it is very painful. Now I’d like to introduce you to several kinds of smart choices; A thorn in the flesh; It’s easy to use and doesn’t cause pain. You might as well try it with me.

What are the consequences of hand pricking if you don’t pick it out

if the pricking is not deep (about 2mm), with the keratinization process of the skin, the pricks can be discharged. But if it’s too deep, when it hurts the dermis or even the subcutaneous tissue, the body will treat it as an antigen. Phagocytes will act and there will be an inflammatory reaction in the wound. When stimulated, fibroblasts will also activate and form scar tissue around the wound. That is to say, scars will form around the wound. After that, the thorns will become hard to pull out. That is to say, they grow together with the meat.

Smart choice & lt; A thorn in the flesh; Soak in warm water

1. Soak the pricked place in warm water for a while. Use the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction to push out the prick on the baby’s hand, and then take out the prick carefully with hands or tweezers. The effect of this method is very good, but it should be noted that the baby’s skin is more delicate, do not use too hot water, so as not to cause burns.

2, vegetable oil softening

drop a few drops of vegetable oil on the finger of the prickle, the vegetable oil will slowly penetrate into the skin, and has a certain softening effect on the prickle. At this time, just take it out with tweezers.

3, essential balm to relieve pain

our traditional method of pricking is to pick with a needle. The baby may feel very painful. You can drop a few drops of essential balm at the place where you prick, and then pick with a needle, so that you will not feel pain and bleeding. It should be noted that the needle should be disinfected to avoid infection.

4 If it is pricked by cactus or rose, you can apply it to the affected area and heat it locally. You can put your hand on the electric lamp and quickly tear off the ointment when it is hot, So the thorn can stick out.

5, iron absorption stone

if the thorn is metal, such as iron thorn, at this time, you can first pick a seam on the skin surface with a needle, and then use iron absorption stone, so that the thorn will be easily sucked out.

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